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I want to monitor my dsl network at home using Wireshark. Currently I can only see traffic from the machine that I use to monitor. Here is my dsl setup at home. I have DSL modem, and Ethernet port on modem connect to WAN port on my DSL router. DSL router provide wired and wireless Internet connection to several PCs and laptops. I tried to use Ethereal to monitor traffice and can only see traffic from one machine. I then bought and true hub (already tested) and use the NIC card which support promiscuous mode as well to test. I now put the true hub in between DSL router and DSL modem. Here is how I setup. I connect from Ethernet port on modem to port 1 on the hub. Connect my laptop, which has wireshark installed, to port 2 on hub, and connect the uplink port on hub to WAN port on DSL router. However, the WAN port and uplink port don't have any link (no lights at all) I use all CAT5 straight through cables to connect. I then tried with crossover but no light either. While port one and two on hub connect to modem and my laptop have lights. And of course no Internet connection at all at this time. What did I do wrong? Is this the right way to monitor entire DSL network at home? I don't have static IP from ISP. I got dynamic. Also, since the laptop which has wireshark installed is in the hub (post-NAT), and modem has dynamic IP from ISP, which IP should I assign to laptop in order to capture traffic? Any recommendation is greatly appreciated. Sorry, for the long post.

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