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monitors and magnets

By sean_theace ·
Okay, here's my problem. I was at my computer with a subwoofer from my car in my hand and i noticed that my screen was doing some weird color effects or something to that nature. So anyway, me, being an idiot, put the subwoofer closer to the screen,and it did some weird things again. So I pull the speaker away, and what do you know, the colors are stuck that way. I am just about positive that this is caused my the huge magnet on the back of the subwoofer. Now, my question is, how do I get my monitor back to normal? Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance to anyone with help.

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magnets & monitors

by Bill_W In reply to monitors and magnets

We had this a year or so ago, when we were toying with hard drive magnets near a screen. Yes, it did all sorts of weird stuff to the monitor, and power off/degauss etc made no difference. Of course, not helped by people racing round to the PCs of their fellow serfs and zapping their screens for a laugh, ho ho *****ing ho.

The good news was that it went away by itself after a day or so. And people stopping clowning around. Yeh right.

Just wait a bit.


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by dbowlin In reply to magnets & monitors

Most monitors have a degauss function. On mine the symbol looks like an upside down U with a slash through it. Run that function, and it should correct the color distortion.

Good luck.

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by epepke In reply to monitors and magnets

Monitors have a piece of steel behind the screen with a bunch of little holes in it. This is called the shadow mask. The holes only let electrons going in a certain direction hit the differently colored phosphors on the tube. What you did was to magnetize the shadow mask. Electrons passing through a magnetic field are deflected, so they hit the wrong colors of phosphor.

Find the degauss function of the monitor and make it happen. (Some monitors automatically degauss when they start up.) If that fails, buy a degausser from a television store and use it according to directions. They are much stronger than the built-in degaussers.

If you have a deft touch, you might also be able to "paint" the color problems away with a permanentmagnet.

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Fun tricks with magnets.

by admin In reply to monitors and magnets

Have you ever tried waving the subwoofer magnet around over you hard drive? Your cassette collection? (Especially over your mint collection of Starpath Supercharger tapes...) Or even your friends lucky Orienteering compass right before the big event?

Otherwise, as noted above, De-Gauss should restore your monitor -especially a big external unit :>

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