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Monitors go crazy

By wgerick ·
I have a user on windows 2000 with dual monitors. In the afternoon all of a sudden her images go crazy and there are blinking lites, squares, colors etc. The only thing to get it back is to reboot the computer. We have given her a new computer, new monitors, new video cards, downloaded new drivers off the internet. We have run an extension cord to another power source. Nothing seems to work. The user keeps her monitor image dark as it hurts her eyes for a birght image. I am going bald from scratching my head on this one:


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by bman In reply to Monitors go crazy

Since you have eliminated the hardware aspects (new computer/monitor..and I assume the problem continued) go back to the power source. By power source do you mean electrical outlet? Even though you moved it, it may be on the same circuit.

Is there a specific time in the afternoon that this happens?
Are the monitor on a surge suppressor or UPS?

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by infoguy In reply to Monitors go crazy

Sounds like some kind of interference is kicking on. Are her monitors close to a heater/air conditioner? Maybe a fan of some kind? Look for some sort of device nearby.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Monitors go crazy

What happened to the user's old PC and monitor? Did they work OK when moved elsewhere or were they permanently damaged, showing the same symptoms?

Are there any kind of communications equipment like satellite dishes, radio transmitters or cellular towers in the neighbourhood?

Have you considered the possible effects of static electricity?

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by master3bs In reply to Monitors go crazy

Figure out what event happens at the same time and you've found the problem.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Monitors go crazy

If you are in an industrial area you might be experiencing power surges. We had something similar when the printing presses of the nearby paper started up in the late afternoon everything would go nuts. We cured the problems by putting UPS's on everything and no more problems and some mains filtering as well.

Even if you can manage to move to a different power circuit it still comes from the same source which can be corrupted by nearby interference so your best option is to go with UPS's and see if the problem persists.

If it does it has to be something in the local environment that is causing the problem at one place after doing everything possible we found a badly maintained Dental X-Ray machine leaking X-Rays which was causing our problems and killing out electronic equipment that was against that wall closest to the X-Ray machine.


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by wgerick In reply to Monitors go crazy

She works in an office environment, there are no printers, AC, fans around her. It seems to happen about 3:00 in the afternoon and not everyday. There are others around her that don't have any issues at all. I will try a ups to see if that may take care of the problem.

The only other thing is she keeps her monitor settings very dim which is the only other thing that I can think would have any bearing on this issue but don't know why that would affect anything.

Thanks for all the responses.

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