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    my monter goes blurry off & on, what cause that, the monter is I B M make, could it be my hard drive, i have a systemax-ascent-xp-home edition,its about 3 or 4 years old, thank you, charlie

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      CRT or LCD

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      If you have a CRT monitor that goes blurry on a repetitive basis, odds are that the degaussing circuit is not turning off after the monitor is turned on.

      A degauss event usually has a rainbow tint to the blur.

      Magnetic fields such as fans, speakers, and some lights can also cause a CRT monitor to blur.

      For an LCD, some do have focus adjustments and that circuit could be acting up.

      The best way to check this is to borrow a different monitor.

      If the blur goes away with a different monitor, then the problem is your monitor. If the blur stays, look for devices with magnetic fields that might be the actual cause of the problem.
      Speakers, magnets, power cords, transformers, fans, and more.


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