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By hswart ·
I have the responsibilty to submit a monthly report. I have been doing so for the past 2 years but I feel that the report is very dull. I only change 1 or 2 paragrapghs every month and thats it. I want to add some new things in there. I have devided the report in to different sections ie. Network Audit / Software Audit etc. Maybe add some graphs or something. This report is included in the monthly Exco bundle and I am sure the MD doesn't even read my report.Any ideas would be appreciated.

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by JamesRL In reply to Monthly IT Report

I helped with an IT scorecard at a previous employer.

It included things like:

Server uptime(Goal versus actual)
Server Capcaity (file servers/mail servers/application severs)
Help desk service levels (goal versus actual)
Project status (budget, deliverables,all ranked red/yellow/green)
Departmental expenditures (on plan red/yellow/green)

This helps convey a lot of information and absorb it in a relatively easy manner. Reds deserve some level of explanation underneath.


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Yep or dash board

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Scorecard

Smiley to Frowny.
No BS.
Departmental Featues Billy in support saved us X
Jenny came up with a new procedure for Y that should improve Z.
It sounds strange but always try to have at least one frown every now and then even if it just some HR bollocks like low utilsation due to hols or training. You'll rarely be asked about smiles or content, frowns will get you a talk with the boss, so make sure any actions are documented and all the relevant people are up to date. He might not ask you.

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Montly report

by sistemas In reply to Monthly IT Report

I?ll try to generate any expectative about my report, in one section describe the actual situation, like network,software audit etc. and in another hand make a section with proyects or goal for the next months.
In your bussines meeting try to refer to your past reports, saying something like "Like I said in my last reports this year we ......"
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