Monthly Page Volume Vs. Monthly Duty Cycle

By timbo.alexander ·
Dear All,

I am trying to assess the usage of our printers at work against their recommended monthly output. The difficulty I am coming up against seems to be a variation in how HP have constructed their spec sheets over time. Some of the more modern spec sheets have listed a Mothly Recommended Volume while the older spec sheets (like that of the HP LaserJet 4100) only have the Monthly Duty Cycle listed. The difference between these two figures is of not insignificant magnitude which is making me worry about my comparisons. Would a comparison of page count against monthly duty cycle be effective or should I really be striving to track down the recommended monthly volumes to compare against the page counts from the printers? I am also somewhat sketchy on the actual difference between the two. It seems strange that a recommended page volume can be 10,000 pages but then a monthly duty cycle returns a value of some 40,000 pages. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.



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Since when did the home of the 86th Airlift Wing move to the UK?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Monthly Page Volume Vs. M ...

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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by timbo.alexander In reply to Since when did the home o ...

Setup my tech republic account while I was living under my Dads roof in Germany. He is RAF, working for the NATO HQ there, so our post code is deemed as being in the UK. 86th are still in residence at Ramstein, Germany.

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Your post code is BFPO ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to RAF

It doesn't have a "deemed as" - at least mine didn't.

I see no reason to assume it has changed.

However, my Sqn Ldr status expired many many moons ago and I am now simply a professional grump.

Pardon my intrusion - I couldn't resist it.

As per your original inquiry, I would hasten to suggest that there are so many differing methods to market any given product, that you really shouldn't read too much into any data that is 'provided'.

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Monthly Page Volume Vs. Monthly Duty Cycle

by kevindsandy In reply to Monthly Page Volume Vs. M ...

They are different but the one to pay particular attention to is the Monthly page volume, because you do not want to be printing more than the printer can handle over the 30 day period. Check out this article:

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