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More Australian Firms Seen Outsourcing IT Works

By jorgepson ·
Seen this post when I am searching for software development outsource.

The article said that
More Australian Firms Seen Outsourcing IT Works
The outsourcing trend shows no sign of abating and will continue to increase in the forthcoming future.

So what do you think?

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You need to understand that AU Films

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More Australian Firms See ...

Are not produced by Large Movie Studios they are all effectively Outsourced.

Things like IT and the Movie Magic that go along with it are way too complex for small scale film makers to even consider attempting even if they could afford to rent the Hardware necessary the Software required just isn't available in the way that they would require it and the people to operate the software simply do not exist outside of the Big Movie Houses.

IT is just part of the Outsourcing necessary to make Movies in AU so I'm not the slightest bit surprised but I'll admit that Directors and Cinematographers are most defiantly brought in on a Contract Basis to boss the staff and actors around to get the stains on the film necessary but those using the Camera's and so on all tend to be Brought in on Contracts to do a specific job and will be employed to do whatever is necessary. Things like the Rushes are no longer on film they are all digitally stored and captured on Digital Equipment so while things like Special Effects and so on will be outsourced the basic Movie Shooting is still done inside the film set and while the operators may be called things like Cameraman they really are more specialized IT people who specifically do just one job.

But having said that if you expect long term employment in the AU Movie Industry you need to work for a place like Movieworld on the Gold Coast as they are the people who get most of the outsourced general work and some of the easier "Special" work needed to make a movie these days.


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