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    more game issues


    by wbf ·

    hi i have recently purchased a game for pc and ,im getting on error when i try to play,error is make sure my video card support hardware Tnl,here is my card spec


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      by fungus-among-us ·

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      Actually, looking up the information you posted… seems to me you have that you don’t have a video “CARD”, but an integrated Graphics solution.
      The SIS chipsets listed (and you listed 6 different chipsets, including mobile graphic solutions) are all from the same “family” called MIRAGE.
      Check out the comaprison tables on the following links.

      Seems to me like you have an outdated graphics solution. DirectX 7????? I saw no mention of Hardware Texture and Lighting capabilities listed anywhere on SIS’s website. I think it’s time for a new videocard. I’m assuming by the age of the chipset, your motherboard probably (but maybe not) came with an AGP slot for video upgrades. It might be time for a new gaming system…I can’t see spending anything more than $50 for a NEW AGP card. Good Luck

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      by wbf ·

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      hey tanks for the reply,its the 661fx and yes its intergrated,the only thing is that im using a note book,im using direct x 9, and i think the lightning thing you metioned is part of the problem,is it possible to put a better graphic module into my laptop,

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      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to more game issues

      With a Lap Top you are stuck with what you’ve got but you can increase the System RAM and in BIOS set aside more System RAM for Video Processing.

      Even still you’ll probably have to lower the screen resolutions down to play this particular game from the Default which gives you the best graphics to something lower where the graphics are not as good. Depending on your NB you may be able to set aside more System RAM for Video Processing but it will come at the expense of system performance so this might not be a solution for your needs as the Video might be enough but the system may be below the minimum System Requirements for the game.


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