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More memory

By Dylan Teo ·
Interesting to note that PCs needs to ever increasing the hardware memory and storage with each new release of OS.

Unix or Linux is much more forgiving and though love to have extra memory and storage but can make do with less.

Why is Microsoft designing something that fit rather than make something bigger with each release.

Consumers does not have a bottomless budget and spending power. Memory being cheaper is not the point. Now our PC is far more powerful than many Unix workstation but perform far less task. A Sun SS5 can do more with so much lesser than our PC.

Something is really wrong here with the OS and software design. Is it a sign for us to totally switch to Linux?

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Is there a reason

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to More memory

that you have posted the exact same message three times, each with a different title?

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Well isn't it quite obvious Boxy?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is there a reason

TR will not allow you to post the same thing more than once unless the site has a problem.

So if you want to Post a Question like this you need to have something different in it. :0


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Probably not me posting the other 2

by Dylan Teo In reply to Is there a reason

I have not login since 2000. Been away and doing my own stuff. You might have gotten the wrong person.

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Your profile says otherwise :-)

by IC-IT In reply to Probably not me posting t ...
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Those are mine

by Dylan Teo In reply to Your profile says otherwi ...

I tried to start the discussion but the system kept giving error so I had to give up and re-write on a new page.

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Quite simple really

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More memory

M$ is incapable of writing decent Code so they need to blot new products to make them sort of work right for any update or new release.

With M$ Coding you Can Not install older OS's on Modern Hardware just try installing NT4 to a HDD with more than 1022 Cylinders and see what happens.

M$ knows that hardware is getting cheaper and more of it for a similar price so they have no need to be clever in their coding. If they can write a bit of code to do something in five lines they will supply something with 25,000 lines to do the same thing. This comes about because of the way that they develop software with different people writing code for different blocks and when it comes time to fit it all together there is no one with any understanding of how the entire system works so they have to mess around and make it fit together.

It reminds me of a book i read years ago where there where Expert Programmers for individual subsections of the system and they constantly improved the bits that they knew but because no one had any idea of the entire System the Upgrades which worked perfectly when confined in the Subsystem caused other things to break so they where effectively destroying a proven system in an attempt to make things better.

MS apparently never read this book whatever it was and are working this way because it's faster & easier having less skilled programmers who do not know how the entire system works.


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Possibly true.

by Dylan Teo In reply to Quite simple really

It is wasting resources and no matter how hard we try we can never be green with M$ wasteful programming forcing us to upgrade and throw away working hardware.

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And do you really thing anyone at M$ actualy care?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Possibly true.

Provided they are selling product they are happy and the World is good. That is the depth of their plans keep selling and making more money.


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