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more partition issues

By rogerw ·
I am new to it admin. I have a server running NT4-Back office. There is no additional space on the c: drive. I have added another 8gb harddrive. How do i add aditional space to the existing c: drive?

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by carlos.nino In reply to more partition issues

To avoid dealing with partitioning, why don't you just assing all the temporal folders to the new drive?. You could also move some applications there (uninstall from the original drive and install in the new one).

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by TheChas In reply to more partition issues

You cannot add space from a second drive to a different drive.

The only thing that you can do, is to move files or programs to the second drive.

Keep in mind the NT has a limit on the size of the boot partition. I can't remember if it is 4 or 8 GB.


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by Woody H In reply to more partition issues

There are 2 simple things you can do to free up space on the C drive.
1. Move your pagefile.sys to the drive. Leave about a 100meg pagefile.sys on the C: and the rest to .
2. If you are running any type of backup software, move the database to the drive. Most of them allow you to specify a directory in which to store the info, just copy it to the drive and make the change. Verify it works before you delete the one off the c: drive.

These 2 items you can do without uninstalling and reinstalling anything. Hope this helps.


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by chriswales In reply to more partition issues

Besides moving your pagefile to the new drive there are a few things to check as well.

I typically move the i386 folder to another drive (if it's currently residing on C.)
Change the Recycle Bin properties to 0% space and check IE settings (Tools| Options| Settings) to see if it's trying to keep too much space as well.

Also, check any other temp folders and/or install folders to see which ones you may move. Be careful moving an install folder as a lot of times you'll need to reinstall the application and change the default directory.

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