More Responsibilities but The Same Job Title

By ndumbalo ·
I work for small non profit organization as an IT Support for 13 months now. We were only two people in IT Department, me and my boss, IT Manager. My boss left for another job. While I was on vacation our Executive Director hired another person to assist me. My title has never been changed, still IT Support and my assistant title is of-course IT Support Assistant. I took all responsibilities which were done by my previous boss. No salary raise and I believe the organization will never hire another person in IT department to replace IT Manager position. My question is, should I ask our Executive Director for salary raise or promoted as an IT Manager or both? I have the annual review with him next week (December 20th, 2007) . One thing which I know is that my Assistant was employed without being interviewed (said to be Director's buddy) and this makes me uncomfortable especially when my Assistant never listen to me and always make his own decision without asking me. I won't be surprised if he will promoted as my boss if I am not going to ask for it. Thanks you in advance.

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another job

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to More Responsibilities but ...

get another job,they are taking the ****

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Agreed, Move On

by w2ktechman In reply to More Responsibilities but ...

This is a horrible place to be in. If you can, look around and find a new position.

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Thanks a lot

by ndumbalo In reply to Agreed, Move On

I believe that's the best move, thanks a lot.

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