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More slower RAM or less faster RAM?

By SynapsE_z ·
I recently installed Vista and had 1 GB of RAM. My Vista Experience Subscore for RAM was 4.2 (one of my lower scores). So I decide to add more RAM. Upon running the scores again it dropped to 3.3. So my question is should I keep 1 GB of RAM (which is faster) or just keep the extra RAM installed which is slower? Is 2 GB of slower RAM better than 1 GB of faster RAM? I'm thinking of just keeping the 2 GB but I'd like some more opinions on the matter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Instead of looking at Benchmarks

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More slower RAM or less f ...

In what configuration does the computer work best?

That is the configuration that you should use.


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So less is better?

by SynapsE_z In reply to Instead of looking at Ben ...

Thanks for the reply. What do you mean by configuration? Don't you need benchmarks in order to establish which configuration works best? So because windows scores less ram better I should just stick with that? Thanks/

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By "configuration" he means amount & type of RAM.

by Absolutely In reply to So less is better?

By "Benchmarks" he means the Vista score.

By "work best" he means how well the computer performs the tasks for which you use it. Benchmarks are all flawed because they isolate a subset of the computers' functions. Some benchmarks are less bad than others, but they're all imperfect. So are you, but less so. You at least know what you want the computer to do.

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So are you, but less so.

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to By "configuration" he mea ...
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It depends on your chipset

by nentech In reply to More slower RAM or less f ...

And how well it uses ram

Some chipsets can be configured in the BIOS setup

Some BIOS do not allow you change the configuration

I can depend on how many banks used as in double or single sided ram dims

Which slots the ram occupies

If the chipset supports duel channel ram

If it supports interleave (may not have spelt that right)

Hope this helps

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Bus speeds?

by jdclyde In reply to More slower RAM or less f ...

It depends on a few factors.

First, your mother board and how fast the bus is.

Second, I ASSUME both are compatible, but mixing will make all run at the slowest speed. The same happens when you get a new high speed HD and have an older slower drive on the same ribbon. It all runs at the slowest speed.

What is the speed difference between the two memories? ( you didn't list that )

In this case, depending on compatibility and the difference in clock speed, less is more.

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Thanks to everyone who replied

by SynapsE_z In reply to More slower RAM or less f ...

After reading all your comments I think I'm going to keep my 2 GB of RAM (For now). It's been running fine for about a day and in the end we're only talking about nano seconds here. As long as my Vista/Fedora dual boot system is happy, so am I. Thanks everyone.

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No problem

by nentech In reply to Thanks to everyone who re ...

Hope you got some good info from this

Some of it is good to remember when you buy your next pc or mother/main board
Some MBs are right bars***eds when it comes to ram

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