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More than 3 parallel ports on WinXP???

By jaykay18 ·
I have a machine I am setting up as a print server. This machine has a multitude of parallel, serial, and USB ports for all different kinds of printers.

I have run into a problem regarding my 4th parallel port. Here are some hardware specs:
WinXP Pro SP2
P II 450MHz
2 ISA, 5 PCI slots
2 serial ports on board, 1 parallel

I have installed:
Belkin 10/100 Ethernet Card
Digital Research I/O 2 parallel 2 serial ISA card
FIC (CompUSA brand--NetMos chipset) 2 serial 1 parallel PCI card

Fresh load of XP. All devices install automatically, NO IRQ CONFLICTS. FIC card requires drivers, which I have loaded.

So here's the problem: All devices show in Device Manager without any problems (COM1-COM6, LPT1-LPT4). Printers installed no problem on all serial ports and on LPT1, LPT2, and LPT3.

When I tried installing on LPT4, I went to Add Printer Wizard and LPT4 didn't show up. Checked Device Manager---it's still there and A-OK. Googled that around a bit and found that WinXP only defines 3 parallel ports by default. There is a key that you add to the registry if you need more. (I believe it's HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Ports and then you add "LPT4:").

I did that, and LPT4: shows in Add Printer. Printer sets up no problem, but when I print a test page I immediately get "Document failed to print". Device Manager shows the same LPT4 port OK.

Here's the thing: When I check the properties of that port, and click the Port Settings Tab, the "LPT Port Number" drop-down is blank! When I click the drop-down arrow, it says:
LPT1: (in use)
LPT2: (in use)
LPT3: (in use)

The 4th port is not listed, but it shows as LPT4 in the Device Manager screen!


Additional troubleshooting I have done:
*Tried PCI card in another slot
*Uninstalled ISA card---PCI card reconfigures as LPT2: and it works
*Cable is good
*Printer is good
*All printers use XP built-in drivers

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I learn something new every day

by CharlieSpencer In reply to More than 3 parallel port ...

Before today, if someone had made any reference to an LPT4 or a fourth parallel port, I'd have said there was no such thing.

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by uziperry In reply to I learn something new eve ...
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Exactly the same problem

by david_fibingr In reply to More than 3 parallel port ...

Just wondering if there is a solution for this.


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