More Vista Problems

By joefahy1 ·
First post on this site so hello..

anyway my acer aspire 5100 laptop is having a few problems with vista, firstly the DEP was closing quite a few legitimate programes, so i disabled that via the command prompt. the inbuilt camera wont work now tho and neither will msn messenger, i can click the shortcut and even try to run as admin but it wont load up.. :@, however both load up in safe mode. the most serious problem however is when i try to shut down or log off, the blue loging off screen stays on until l i turn the computer off manually.

aswell as disabling DEP altogether i ran some paches to get msn working on its own.. im now wondering if that is whats caused the problems.

cheers in advance

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by joefahy1 In reply to More Vista Problems

anyone got any ideas im wondering whether to take it to PC world tomorrow.

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Take it back and get a refund because Vista is crap

by Why Me Worry? In reply to bump

Either have XP installed on it, or be prepared to deal with the endless supply of problems with Vista. That's what you get for rushing to buy a new O/S that hasen't been throughly tested and rushed to sale by the greedy pigs at Micro$oft.

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by joefahy1 In reply to More Vista Problems

are you allowed to say f8ck! on here?

was hoping this would be a simple trip to command prompt again

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Joe, the reality of your situation is

by Tig2 In reply to darn.

That most of us aren't working with home editions of Vista if we are working with it at all. There are some here who MAY be able to answer your question, but truthfully, not many. For many, the decision has been to stay with XP until there is no support for it, then decide what OS will meet their needs.

You can try going to and checking the knowledge base. You might also try Googling your specific problem. You might find a hit or two.

Good luck!

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by joefahy1 In reply to Joe, the reality of your ...

appreciate the advice tiger, cheers.

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I have an Acer 5100 too

by pc_yogi In reply to More Vista Problems

Hi Joe,

I have an Acer Aspire 5100 and am running Vista Home Premium. If your webcam isn't working after disabling DEP, did you try installing the updated driver from the Acer site? They have just released an updated suite of drivers for the 5100 series. Hope this helps - I haven't disabled DEP because I haven't encountered any issues with it yet, but I'd like to help out if I can.

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vista is dbl cr..

same issues with vista
acer put a 32-bit vista home premium upgrade on a dual-core 64-bit turion machine!!
vista refused to allow nero to write to the dvd drive; vista refused to install latest skype (old evrsion works), orbicam software stops working (after about a day) but the driver works and you can use the cam in skype 7; office xp refused to activate - could be a different microsoft problem as the 3rd try succeeded but, the notebook did not boot (BLACK screen of death) with no explanation after microsoft update installed critical patches, the error log (one of the many) reports application crashes and hangs constantly - rundll.dll, wdm, orbicam, windows calendar, sidebar, etc., etc... I would have liked the system with an OS which actually can be used and which does not insult your intelligence asking you whether you really want to do work such as install useful software (until you get sick of it and turn off UAC)

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