Morotola surfboard 4200 will not recognize Linksys wrk54g router.....

By crunchedtobite ·
i have a surfboard 4200 (morotola) modem and a linksys wrk54g router which has worked fine with a desktop (always wired) and a laptop (sometimes wired, sometimes wireless). connecting to the internet was fairly smooth with the exception that every few days we had to reset it all to regain a lost internet connection (this happened whether or not i changed from wired to wireless). we have cablevision (central nj). recently, we had no connection no matter what we did, so we called cablvision several times and tried all their suggestions (when i knew it was the modem) till we finally got a new modem. it worked till after 3 days it stopped connecting to the internet. we did all the cable checking and resetting, called cablvsn again, made appointment for them to arrive btwn 10 am and 8pm (had to take a day off from work)---they never showed up but all of a sudden the internet works again--this after i see through the backyards to the main street someone cutting tree branches from around the cable wires (cablevision truck on closer inspection). ok, so they never called, nothing. it works fine for a week, then bang, nothing again. i did all the troubleshooting-- waiting 30 seconds before turning on the modem, resetting the router and starting from scratch, the firmware has been updated (since it was new) the wires have all been checked--not faulty. NOw we can connect to the modem directly and get the internet, but the modem will not recognize the router, period. i can connect to the router and the setup pages, everything seems to be working fine, i connected it to a friend's cable modem and it works, but it will not work with my modem. what am i doing wrong. the cable company says there is nothing wrong with their lines or modem, i say there is. these are the same technicians that told me that is not the modem's configuration address (they said it was not an address for anything) AS i was viewing it on my laptop and reading the log that told me they did something to it and then undid that something ( i don't know enough to know how to understand the log). they keep telling me it is the router, to call linksys (remenber, it works on a neighbor's cablevision surfboard and i told them this!) okay, you techies, is there anything i can do myself with that damn modem to make it recognize the router again?? it is brand new (although i suspect it is refurbished) or is there something i can ask the technician to please check. i am disgusted and will be switching to dsl as soon as i have a day off, in the mean time i need help!!! both pc's run winxp, all the settings worked fine in the past, although i checked them and tried different settings and read a million different message boards for help, wnet to the motorola website and linksys--both very sparse in the support departments. i tried everything!! do i need to take off another day to wait for a new refurbished modem??? will i use this one as a paperweight? am i frustrated????((hahahahah))))thanks! (sorry for any bad grammar and mispellings, i am so tired of 'fighting' politely with the cable company.....

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