Mother Board Repair

By izzoh84 ·
I have an AS Rock 775i65g motherboard.One o the IC burned out and know my computer can not boot.Is it possible to replace the the chip without damaging the whole board or i just have to buy another one.Can any help coz this is the second board that i am using.I had a Kobian board and the same IC chip burned out.Am suspecting incompatible memory chips coz it happens after every time i remove them and after replacing them i expirience the problem.isaac

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This depends on which IC is involved

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Mother Board Repair

As most are Surface Mount Technology it is very difficult to replace them and even harder to source supplies of these IC's.

Weller make a small Soldering Station suitable for Repair Work on Surface Mount M'Boards but the last time I looked it cost 40K + the cost of the consumables and electricity to run it. You would need to be repairing quite a few M'Boards over a long time to warrant the expenditure of money like that and the only places that I know that has something like these are the M'Board Makers Repair Faculties.

If it's not a Surface Mount Component if you are very careful and have the correct type of Soldering Iron and Solder you may be able to replace the Failed IC but if you are using the incorrect parts this will likely cause more problems that it fixes. You should use what the M'Board maker recommends with their products to prevent incompatible parts causing damage.


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i know the exact chip location

by izzoh84 In reply to This depends on which IC ...

No sure what you mean by surface mount technology.however i do know that the chip is near the place where there are memory sockets.

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Surface Mount Technology is exactly that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i know the exact chip loc ...

It mounts on the surface of the Circuit Board the legs Do Not go through the Circuit Board but are soldered to one side of the Circuit Board. The same side that the component is on always. Hence the Name Surface Mount.

The problem with these components is that they are first glued tot he Circuit Board and then the Legs are heated and the solder paste that was placed on these legs before fitting to the Circuit Board melts and creates the Join. These IC's need to be very accurately Placed to prevent short circuits or crossed tracks or any other faulty fitting.

The Legs are also very close together and very difficult to solder individually without leaving whiskers of Solder shorting 2 or more out at any one time.


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My treatise on repair of SMD stuff

by robo_dev In reply to Surface Mount Technology ...

First of all, the Col is correct in that repair of SMD circuit boards is not for the meek, beginner, or ham-fisted repair techs.

That being said, there is a product called ChipQuik which, combined with the right soldering gear, can make some simple repairs DIY-able. I routinely fix things like TVs, LCD panels, Nintendo DS, etc.

ChipQuik is a low-melt solder and cleaning kit ($12 USD) that works well. I picked up a ESD-safe variable temp Weller soldering station on ebay for around $50 USD. Additional tools are bench-top lighting, magnification, as well as both a good heat gun and sometimes a hot-plate for pre-heating boards.

So the moral of the story is that these repairs are possible, but not easy.

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As a general rule modern circuit boards

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Mother Board Repair

are not repairable by hand. The few cases I've heard of where a repair was tried it didn't last long. The general consensus now is to just replace the board and not the components.

There's too much chance of the heat of the soldering iron doing damage to other circuits unseen to the repairer.

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I partly agree.....

by robo_dev In reply to As a general rule modern ...

but I also routinely repair modern circuit boards.

While it's true that very small boards like those in cell phones are at the very limits of 'human repairable', many normal devices such as PC or laptop motherboards, game devices (e.g. Nintendo DS, PSP, Wii) are very serviceable.

While repairing these tiny SMD-based circuit boards can be tricky, it's worth it. I have purchased many broken Nintendo DS units on eBay. By simply replacing a surface-mount power switch or surface-mount fuse, a unit worth $15 as a parts unit is completely usable and now worth at least $50.

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Can you ID the chip?

by robo_dev In reply to Mother Board Repair

Make sure memory voltage settings are correct in BIOS and memory is properly seated. I've seen MOBOs go up in smoke when a RAM DIMM was not seated properly.

If you can identify the chip that smoked, you can replace it. But there's a 50% chance that something else failed at the same time.

In most cases, unless you are well versed in component-level board repair, then replacing the board is your best bet.

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Actually RD this question reminds me of when I was State Service Manager

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can you ID the chip?

I had a dealer ring up and ask about repairing a circuit board and I said It's Easy you just have to replace a Resistor that fails I then told him the correct specification of the resistor and where it was on the Board.

3 Days latter a circuit Board arrived for replacement as he couldn't get it to work again and when I looked at it I found that it had caught fire and the Circuit Board was destroyed. This got me interested and as I was going there that week I took a replacement Circuit Board with me and asked to have a look at the soldering Iron that he used. He proudly presented me with a Gas Fired Plummets Soldering Iron for joining Galvanized Guttering.

I'm still not sure if it what the extreme Temp that it created or the Naked Flame which completely destroyed that Circuit Board or a combination of both. Needless to say that after that I never told anyone again how to repair things over the phone unless I had first trained them in Electronics Repair and I knew that they had the correct equipment.

But after all a Soldering Iron is a Soldering Iron and there is no difference between the different types is there? :^0

Col 0:-)

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In a Word, NO

by TheChas In reply to Mother Board Repair

I will not say that you cannot change the chip. But, the equipment that you need to change out most of the ICs on a motherboard will cost you many times the price of a good gaming PC.

Even if you have all the correct tools, you need to practice a lot to develop the skills to remove and replace ICs on multi-layer circuit boards.

Now, as to your root problem, I have never seen a chip on the motherboard die from incompatible memory. Unless you mean that you are installing RAM with the wrong number of pins for the motherboard.

About the only way you can normally damage a motherboard with RAM is if you install the RAM with power on. Even just the 5 volt standby power is enough to damage things while installing RAM or circuit cards.


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