Motherboard and CPU intel P4 and Dual core

By close9us ·
I assume my computer got a CPU problem. htis is because it keeps on restarting when it come to windows logo boot screen.
I replaced it with one of a computer with same P4 CPU and it works.
But because the CPU belongs to another PC, i took it back and i ordered another CPU and it was a Dual core.

I replaced a problem intel CPU P4 with dual core both have a same socket number 775.But my computer never want to start. I can see the Fan spins for 2 to 3 secconds and turn OFF. Nothing even comes up on the screen or the bios.

Can anyone please advise. My motherboard number is GA-8VM800PMD-775-RH.

Hear from you good freinds

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You need to look at the Compatible CPU List here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Motherboard and CPU intel ...

And make sure that you got a compatible CPU for this M'Board. Even if the CPU is compatible you may be required to Update the BIOS to be able to use the newer CPU and you can download this from here

If you have a compatible CPU use the old one to Update the BIOS and then refit the new one it should now work.

But having said that I have never seen a Intel CPU die unless it has been used outside the Manufactures Recommended working Parameters. What you are describing as a problem with the computer sounds more like a Corrupt CPU Instruction Set interaction by the OS you are using. Meaning that the OS is corrupt and when you tried a different CPU with a Different Instruction Set the problem wasn't apparent.

Depending on your OS Type with XP you can do what is called a In Place/Repair Install by following the directions here

Which should cure your problem with the original CPU or if you want to check the system fully you can use The Ultimate Boot CD to test all of your hardware it is available for download here

With this after you make the CD just drop it into the Optical Drive and if necessary alter the Boot Order in BIOS to First Boot Device Floppy then Optical Drive and finally HDD and save the changes on exit and then allow the system to boot off the CD. This will take you to a menu system where you can chose the test you want to perform and let it run till it's finished or in the case of some of the Torture tests till you are satisfied that the unit works.

It's a good idea to test the CPU, RAM and HDD with Full Tests to be certain that they are problem free.


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by close9us In reply to You need to look at the C ...

Thank you very much for the reply.

I placed back the original CPU P4, instead of the Dual Core. My PC boots and freezes at windows logo. I then insert my xp installation CD to do inplace install. It reads the CD and freezes. I restart 3 times and i alway got it freezed and cannot continue further for installation.

similar with UBCD, i got one and when i run it, it freezes and cannot go further as well.

any more suggestion

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OK if it works with a different CPU

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CPU

Then you'll have to replace the CPU with one from the Supported CPU List. Just because it's a Socket 775 CPU doesn't mean that it will work with this Gigabyte M'Board.

I have a similar problem with a couple of M'Boards one is a ABit and the other is a Gigabyte both 775 Socket but they do not work with the new 775 Dual Core Pentium 4 or Duo's.

If you care to list the Intel Designation of the original CPU and the new one I'll be able to tell you if it should work. But you may need to borrow the other CPU to flash the BIOS to a newer version.


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