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    Motherboard does not turn on anymore

    by camilaai ·


    I have a problem with my motherboard. It doesn’t turn on anymore. The leds indicators doesn’t light up nor when connecting it to charge. I remove the back cover to see if everything was ok, and noticed that there is a part of the motherboard that heats up. Even though it burns you if touch it for a few seconds. What could be the problem in here? Same happens with the motherboard isolated from everything else. I need urgent help
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      Not really sure what you have here but if it is a Desktop

      by oh smeg ·

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      Depending on what CPU Type it could be almost anything. Inside a Desktop Case there is a Power Supply which turns mains Voltage into what the system can use and this is exposed to Mains Voltage all the time so any spikes can kill it. If it is not one of the better Power Supplies it will pass those spikes through tot he internals of the computer and the overvoltages or over currents will burn out the delecate electronics.

      Having said that though from my experience AMD M’Boards are no where near as robust as Intel M’Boards so if that is what you have then at best you need a new power supply and at worse just about everything inside the case.

      This is the bit that I found confusing

      “The leds indicators doesn’t light up nor when connecting it to charge.”

      as Desktops are always connected to power this bit made me think it is a Note Book which are small portable and suffer badly from sucking in dust which blocks the cooling channels and causes the components to overheat and destroy themselves. Happens more if you sit the NB on fabric as the fabric holds dust which the NB sucks up and this gets caught on Heatsinks and other heat liberating sources which eventually leads to then no longer being able to have any airflow over them so they overheat.

      No component should get so hot it burns you as that is above the heat Silicon Melts at and even the CPU or GPU which are the hottest things inside any computer do not run that hot as they would no longer work.

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