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Motherboard fried???

By angelamarie3 ·
Please help.
I have an ASrock motherbaord with a intel celuron 2.2gh processor. I was running it with pc133 sd ram, but it also has slots for DDR. I removed the pc133, installed the ddr, and nothing but beeeps. Three beeps, and then silence, and then three more. I removed the ddr, replaced the sd, and now I get no power to my hard drive. processor fan comes on, cdrom lights come on, but no power led from the hard drive. Please help!!!

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by Choppit In reply to Motherboard fried???

Have you tried resetting the BIOS settings?

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by angelamarie3 In reply to BIOS

There is a spot in the manual that says to reset cmos. Is that the same? If not I don't know how to reset bios.
Please help, thanx!!!

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CMOS Reset

by MCS-1 In reply to cmos

Usually accomplished with a jumper. Move the jumper to (example) pins 2-3 for a few seconds, then move the jumper back to pins 1-2.

Or pop the battery for 10 minutes or so I guess?

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by Choppit In reply to cmos

Yes,it refers to the same thing. BIOS settings are stored in battery backed CMOS memory. It can usually be reset by jumping two pins on the motherboard.

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no go

by angelamarie3 In reply to Reset

Thank you, but, no go yet. I dropped the memory on the carpet. could it have gotten static? would that cause the PC to not start up?
I mean, I can't get anything on the screen

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Beep codes

by Choppit In reply to no go

Memory modules can be damaged by static, but it's unlikely you've got 2 sets of faulty memory. Identify the BIOS manufacturer (modern BIOSes are usually labelled) and decode the beep sequence for clues.

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Another thought

by Choppit In reply to Beep codes

Insert your old memory and temporarily remove all expansion cards (including the graphics card) to see if this does away with the beeping.

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by angelamarie3 In reply to Another thought

It's not the old memory that beeps, it's the new. I've already removed cards. I think I need either a new board, or new memory. The beep codes say that that new memory is bad, but it works fine in this PC.
Thank you for your help, I'm at a loss

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by MCS-1 In reply to Motherboard fried???

As Choppit mentioned, BIOS check. Also, I've had issues where popping the RAM and sticking it back in multiple times did the trick. I guess it was because of dirty contacts, inproper seating, ... In any event, pop and stick a few times and it worked.

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