Motherboard fried?

By thecrazyclan ·
I have two questions the first is. My computer died last night. Not sure if it was the power supply or the mother board. I have a switch on the back of the power supply and for a brief moment the light on the front will blink but the computer won't turn on. The fan on the processor will turn for a second and then stop. Is it the motherbaord or the power supply that is dead? Second question is this computer runs pc133 RAM and I have another computer that runs pc100 RAM. I tried puting the hard drive in this one to get the data off of it and it will boot up to the beginning but won't load windows. Is the hard drive fried or will it not work in this one since they use different RAM types?

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Sounds like the power supply.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Motherboard fried?

I'd think one of the power rails in the psu is not running. A new psu would be the most likely cure.

The hard drive will not run in the other computer because the installed version is not seeing its own motherboard / environment.

You might have more luck if you set it to Slave and boot from the other computer's HD.

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Power supply failure

by mjd420nova In reply to Sounds like the power sup ...

When the fan spins and stops, that's the P/S protecting itself. Somewhere you've got a short that is causing the P/S not to start either the P/S itself or the outputs, be it MOBO or drive. Isolate everything but the MOBO. Setting the drive to slave and installing in another unit should allow you to get the data off.

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