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I have a ECS 662/1.66T-M2 motherboard. My old ATI X550 graphics card works on it but the new MSI Radeon R5450 does not show any display. i know that the card work because i tried it on another computer. Is there anywhere I can check for compatible graphics cards for this motherboard.

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Not sure which M'Board you have there as ECS Doesn't list 662/1.66T-M2

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Motherboard - Graphics Ca ...

As for Video Card Incompatibilities these are more common with nonintel Chip Set M'Boards but can even vary with the same Chip Set Video Card and a Different Video Card Maker. I've seen cases where a ASUS Radeon Video Card will not work with an ASUS M'Board but the same Chip Set Video Card from a different maker works perfectly.

It's very much a Black Art choosing ATI Video Cards where as in the case of nVidia they tend to be more likely to work from my experience at least.

The only place I have ever seen any idea of what works with what is the M'Boards Makers Web Site where they list their M'Board Compatible Devices. I'm not sure that ECS actually list compatible Video Cards for their products as they are not one of the top M'Board makers and I personally don't use them as I've had bad experiences with them in the past.


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I'd check the power needs of the card, what the PSU supplies, and what is

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Motherboard - Graphics Ca ...

fed via the motherboard as some modern graphics cards need more power than others and not all get enough via the motherboard.

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