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motherboard is ON but the prcessor is not working

By firstweb0 ·
I have ASUS P4V8X-X motherboard.. when I turned on the power switch the motherboard turns ON but the processor not working.. please help me how to troubleshoot that..

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A Few Things to try

by stefan In reply to motherboard is ON but the ...

You already said that the processor is not working...Did you mean the cpu fan is not spinning or what?What you can do is to reseet the cpu by taking it out of the slot and blowing the slot clean(Preferably with a blower)and then reseeting the cpu and the heatsink with fan.Then if still no joy,Reseet the memory and any other pci devices that you have plugged into the slots/or try removing things like modems or soundcards...you know things you don't really need to start up a pc.What you can also try is unplugging the power from the power supply at the back for about 15 to 20 seconds and then plug it back in(This resets the power supply).Let me know what happened.

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Well firstly this is a question and should be posted

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to motherboard is ON but the ...

as one not a discussion.

Now you have to supply more information as the above doesn't make any sense as if the processor isn't working with a ATX M'Board like the ASUS one you mention the Power Supply can not be running it will turn itself of within a few seconds. If the CPU is working the Power Supply will continue to run.

Now which power Switch do you mean here the one on the wall, the one on the Power Supply or the Front Panel Switch?

If it is the one on the wall or the one on the Power Supply you will see a LED light up on the M'Board telling you that the 5 V DC Rail has power so that the front Panel Switch can produce the required ripple to turn on the computer. But if there are no fans running the Power Supply is not actually running it is at best only in Stand By Mode waiting for the signal to start. If the fans are running but there is no display either the Video Card or the M'Board are shot and need looking at.

If you get a No Signal message on the Monitor when you switch on the Front Panel Switch the Power Supply is shot and needs replacing.


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All true

by stefan In reply to Well firstly this is a qu ...

OH Smeg,what you say is correct.i am just trying to determine if the dudes cpu is indeed gone swimming with the fishes,but by the sound of the first post it looks like the cpu fan seized up on him and thus caused the processor to get damaged.If that is what happened the pc will switch itself off after a few seconds due to the cpu being fried.Then my friend the only other thing you can do is to replace the cpu and hold your thumbs.Oh and be careful of static electricity as that is a *****!!!

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Not necessarily

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to All true

provided the Heatsink remained attached the CPU shouldn't be damaged as the M'Board circuity should have switched off the computer before the CPU overheated to the extent of damaging the CPU. Things have been this way since the P4 days and the late Socket 2 AMD Days where the M'Boards had Heat Protection Circuity built into the M'Boards to prevent CPU Damage in all but extreme conditions.

Personally I have only ever seen 1 dead CPU and that was after the person who owned it Overclocked the CPU. They got exactly what they deserved a dead CPU but since that time I haven't seen a failed CPU. Lots of Dead M'Boards even more dead Power Supplies but I've yet to see a dead CPU but then again I only see a few thousand computers a month for work so I have a very restricted life.


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Follow this guide...

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to motherboard is ON but the ...
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I have that same problem...

by CharlieSpencer In reply to motherboard is ON but the ...

My mobo's on but the processor ain't working, if you know what I mean.

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No Pally that should read

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have that same problem. ...

The Lights are on but no ones home.

Or is that just for Volvo Drivers?

Col ]:)

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by rachious4o8 In reply to I have that same problem. ...

well find the specs on the motherboard buh if its intel i woul give it back buh amd got a better chance but agian specs

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Config error

by crzytrn In reply to motherboard is ON but the ...

You might want to check the specs on the mobo. Ensure the the mobo is configured for the proper fsb (front side bus) of the cpu. If the mobo is not configured properly then this will always happen. This data can be found in the mobo owners manual for setting the proper cpu speed.

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