Motherboard Layout on Inspiron 1100

By cmcnally02 ·
I have an old Dell Inspiron 1100 that is having some issues. I think they are related to loose pins/connections on the motherboard. The symptoms:

Recently, the machine would not boot up. It seemed to start, but then shut itself down almost immediately. When I took it apart and put it back together, it gave me a message that it had shut down to avoid overheating. But this couldn't be right since it had been off all night and was not hot at all. The fan is working fine so I think the problem may be related to the sensor or auto-shutoff mechanism.

Once I had the machine back together, a diagonal row of keys stopped working. The '8', 'i', 'k', qnd ',' key would not respond.

Can anyone help me figure out where on the motherboard the temperature sensor is, where the keyboard pins are, and if there are any other possible causes of the problem? Thanks in advance.

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RE: "..took it apart and put it back together." ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Motherboard Layout on Ins ...

What happened in between? What did you do to it while it was apart?

As regards the message "it had shut down to avoid overheating. But this couldn't be right since it had been off all night and was not hot at all." - I don't think you realise just how quickly a computer can overheat. TWO SECONDS or less and you can fry the CPU if there is insufficient ventilation. The fact that it had been off all night has nothing to do with the message.

No offence intended but the fact that you don't understand the concept of a computer instantly overheating tends to make me worry as to what you actually did to it, when you interfered with it by taking it apart.

If as you say, the CPU fan is still working, there may be a problem with the thermal paste that adheres the heatsink to the CPU. Or the air intakes / exhausts may be blocked with fluff and dirt. You should give the air channels a good blast with a can of compressed air. If you do so, you MUST prevent the CPU fan from moving because it could generate an electrical charge, sending it backwards onto the motherboard and damaging the components.

When you disassembled this laptop, can you remember how you detached the keyboard from the motherboard? This connection is the most likely cause of the keys not responding.

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Steps taken during dissassembly

by cmcnally02 In reply to RE: [i]"..took it apart a ...

RE:"What happened in between? What did you do to it while it was apart?"

I really didn't do much. I took the machine apart maybe 18 months ago and followed the directions here: which helped enormously until now.

Basically I just made sure the vents were clear, the fan free of clogs, etc. I think based on the replies here maybe I need some new thermal paste. Will try to apply that and see if it helps. Repair shop options are limited as I am living in a developing country with very little access to professional help. Thanks for the suggestions. I had no idea a processor could overheat so quickly.

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The Overheating Message is probably correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Motherboard Layout on Ins ...

A CPU can overheat in under a Second if not faster if it is not correctly cooled. If you removed the Heat Sink over the CPU when you Took It Apart it is more than not likely that at the very least you contaminated the Heat Transfer Paste between the CPU and its Heatsink.

If you removed the paste all together or did not replace it with New Clean Paste I would expect the CPU to overheat very quickly and if it runs for more than a few seconds before shutting down I would consider this Amazing.

The Overheating Message is just for the CPU not the NB in general and as the CPU is one of the Hot Points this gets very hot very quickly. If there was no Heatsink on the CPU then the CPU will Fry long before the Protection Circuits can cut in and shut down the NB. If the CPU has not been destroyed at the very least it will have been severely Degraded and this will prevent the computer from working properly.

As for the Heat Sensor it is under the CPU.

As for the Keyboard the most likely thing is the Ribbon Cable between the Keyboard and M'Board not being correctly fitted into the Socket or it being broken in one or more of the tracks.


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Going to reapply heat paste

by cmcnally02 In reply to The Overheating Message i ...

I didn't remove any of the thermal paste when I disassembled the machine, but given the symptoms, the old past seems a likely cause of the problem. I will see if I can get some more and reapply it. I last did that maybe 18-24 months ago, and I did notice that the paste seemed like it had thinned a bit. Hopefully I haven't fried the processor by trying to start the machine.

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I would recommend...

by C F USA In reply to Motherboard Layout on Ins ...

listening to what the folks here at TR are suggesting. Check your Heat error message. If you are not familiar with the MB or electronics, I would HIGHLY recommend taking your system to a local repair shop in your area.

That being said, the information pertaining to the motherboard can be found here:

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In addition to all of the above....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Motherboard Layout on Ins ...

... the message you saw about the system shutting down due to overheating was a message of the last action taken..... In other words, the LAST time it was operating, it had shut itself down. It might not have anything at all to do with what happened when you booted it up the next day, cold. It was only telling you what it had done.

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Also the Service Manual for this model is located here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Motherboard Layout on Ins ...

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