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By midgetdoggy ·
I was wondering if you guys could list some good manufacturers of motherboards. I'm just researching for when I upgrade my current motherboard.

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Motherboard manufacturer

Gigabyte, ASUS, ABit are the ones that I use with a preference for Gigabyte because they have a 3 year warranty.


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by .Martin. In reply to Easy
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You've got to be fast here Martin.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to hey!!!

Just the luck of the draw though. :0


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by midgetdoggy In reply to Easy

weird that you say Abit because I bought an Abit mobo from the local electronic store and did a bit more research (I know I should've researched first) and the reviews on it were pretty bad. It's an Abit AN52V.

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Well like all M'Board makers ABit have a range of M'Boards

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cool

The AN52V is a budget M'Board with a older Chip Set so you basically got what you paid for.

I don't buy a M'Board with On Board Graphics as this kills performance and I only use Intel Chip Set M'Boards which is useless for AMD Processors but as they work better and are more stable I only use Intel CPU's.

You asked for M'Board Makers not ideal M'Board models all of the major M'Board makers have Budget Lines and these are terrible from a performance point of view but reliable from a length of time that they work for.

So if you where to compare a ABit 520 Chip Set Board to a PC Chips 520 Chip Set M'Board you would find that the ABit one was brilliant and tended to remain working where as the PC Chips one fails on a more regular basis.

You have to look at what you are comparing a particular M'Board against so you can have a valid comparison. If you where to compare the AN52V ABit against the AN78GS the 52 is a very poor second compared to that but compare it to VA 10 and it's positively brilliant.

But if I was going to use a AMD CPU I would be insisting on a ATI Chip Set not a NVidia one. The CPU maker is the best qualified to produce compatible Chip Sets for their CPU's and this is why AMD have brought ATI to compete on a equal footing with Intel who may not make the best product but when you use a Intel CPU on a Intel Chip Set M'Board the all round package is just better than a AMD CPU on a VIA Chip Set as there are no compatibility problems.

You not only need to look at the Brand of the M'Board but the Chip Set and what it can do and then how it is integrated into the M'Board. You need to look at the entire package not just a Brand Name.

For instance I at one time bought a ASUS M'Board with a ASUS Video Card and the Chip Sets of the two units where not compatible. You had to use a different Brand/Chip Set Video Card to work with that M'Board. With Intel Chip Sets you just don't have these problems. Granted AMD has got better now with the purchase of ATI but they are still not in the same league as Intel yet.


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Okay cool

by midgetdoggy In reply to Well like all M'Board mak ...

I just didn't know if Abit was a bad company generally or just the board. It WAS on sale

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by .Martin. In reply to Motherboard manufacturer

two i would really recommend is either Asus or Gigabyte.

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While we're on the subject of manufacturers

by midgetdoggy In reply to Motherboard manufacturer

Do you guys have any suggestions to good manufacturers to hard drives and power supplies? Oh, and cooling devices too.

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For Power Supplies I only use Antec

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to While we're on the subjec ...

They are rated to a constant use where as the No Name PS's are a peek value which they can not supply for any length of time.

I had one Antec PS blow during a thunder storm when a tree fell onto the Overhead Power Lines and brought the 33 KV Lines into contact with the mains. If it had of been a No Name PS the entire computer would have been destroyed in that case only the PS needed replacing well the Monitor, Printer and all the external connected devices but as they didn't get power from the PS they don't count.

For HDD's I like Seagate at the moment and with a 5 year Warranty they tend to be reasonable. Though Samsung now has a 5 Year Warranty here at least but they have yet to overly impress me though I will use these when there are no Seagate's available. Hitachi HDD's I wouldn't touch no matter how much you paid me to after all the problems with the Death Stars I could not trust them till they have had a great reputation for many years. That is yet to happen.

For Cooling depends on what you want Case Fans Zalman or Antec CPU Coolers I stick with the CPU Makers offering or go with Liquid Cooling. It just depends on what it is you want to do. But no matter how good something is supposed to be I never trust it anywhere enough to overclock. That is just begging for problems.


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I'm mainly using fans

by midgetdoggy In reply to For Power Supplies I only ...

because I haven't researched Liquid Cooling enough and I don't wanna mess it up when I install it.

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