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Motherboard Or Graphics?

By cul8rm8e ·
I have a Pc Chips M811 V3.1 motherboard..

The problem is when upon booting the system, i am getting the default beep, however this is a constant beep every 3 seconds or so,even so the monitor will not come on (tried several already working monitors) i have also changed the graphics cards around (also working cards)

Why is the beeping constant? and why is the monitor not going on along with the system?

Many thanks in advance

Kind Regards
John Varney

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by TheChas In reply to Motherboard Or Graphics?

Tech Republic has a download to help you identify what the beep code you are getting is.

I'm not sure which BIOS is on your motherboard. Still, that does sound like the typical code for a video problem.

I have seen a number of cases that don't place the motherboard up high enough.
This results in an AGP graphics card not seating properly.
The AGP port uses an interleaved connector. The video card need only be a few 0.001" from being fully seated to not function.

My quick test for this is to remove the slot bracket from the AGP card and see if it seats further into the slot this way, and the system now boots.

If removing the bracket fixes things, it is decision time:
Raise the motherboard by adding spaces under the supports?
Fabricate a new bracket for the card?
Modify the existing bracket?


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by cul8rm8e In reply to

Sorry and thanks for the help, i changed over the memory and voila.

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by TheChas In reply to Motherboard Or Graphics?

To think, I almost added a memory problem as a possibility.

The BIOS beep for memory is usually more shrill than what you described. Typically, continuous short beeps.

Anyhow, glad you were able to solve your problem.

If you would please, close the question.

It is a common courtesy in this forum to close a question once you have the answer to your problem.

In the same area where you rate answers, there is an option to close the question.


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by Poettone In reply to Motherboard Or Graphics?

Hmm this sounded like a memory problem to me from the beginning..

Good Point on the closing issue..But hey I once had one open for a year.. Whoops..:)

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by p_mstroben In reply to Motherboard Or Graphics?

Never mind prob fixed

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