Motherboard, or LCD screen?

By lonniec1143 ·
I have a toshiba laptop computer and I am getting lines accross the screen, about 1/3 of the screen from the bottom. The lines come on and off at about 2 second intervels.
It is not the (OS) because it starts before windows is loaded on the computer.
Could it be the LCD cable inside the computer, or the LCD screen, or the motherboard? Is ther3e a way to trouble shoot this problem?

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No easy answer I'm afraid

by OH Smeg In reply to Motherboard, or LCD scree ...

You can plug in an External Monitor and see what happens and if the problem is still appearing it's likely to be the Video Part of the NB here.

If it doesn't happen then the Data Lead tot he Monitor or the Monitor itself would be the suspects.


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Could it be the screen cable

by lonniec1143 In reply to No easy answer I'm afraid

I will try a differnt monitor now, but will the pluged in monitor reflect the same problems if it is the motherboard?

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no problems found with an external Monitor

by lonniec1143 In reply to No easy answer I'm afraid

should I try changing the LCD data cable first? There is no problem with the external monitor would it be the screen, and how reliable is this test

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I would try the Data Cable first

by OH Smeg In reply to no problems found with an ...

This is a good test of the Video Generation Circuits of the M'Board or Video Card as there is a direct connection to either the VGA or DVI Socket.

So if the external Monitor works flawlessly then you have to look at the Data Lead or the Monitor as the problem. As the Data Lead to the Monitor is relatively easy to change and cheap this would be my first option.


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by lonniec1143 In reply to I would try the Data Cabl ...

I did not know there was a direct link, and the external monitor would varify the problem. I was prising parts yesterday, and I can get the data cable for $10 I will try this first!
thanks for the help

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks

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