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    motherboard problem…


    by conty911 ·

    well i have (had as i assume it to be dead) a k8s-mx mbo by asus.
    recently i encountered problem ie its not booting (hdd indicator led on,cpu fan on, mbo power led on , rest all no activity ie no keyboad led ,no usb power checked with multimeter,no cd rom power ,no power to hdd)although all connectors have been properly fitted.
    tested 3-4 psu’s but same result, tried to clear cmos no avail….
    strangely the computer runs sometime like after a gap of 24 hrs or so,but after shutdown same thing happens fails to boot.
    i had triple checked all connectors male 12 v 4 pin and atx connectors……..

    and other connectors checked cpu o n other board working fine..

    i had noticed a crossion near the cmos battery on a transistor like component…
    no reason fior corrosion may be a leaky capacitor?

    but i dont understand the reason like why my pc boots in 1 out of 99 tries ..this means not dead completely?

    any suggestions or similar expetriences are welcome..

    regards jasmeet
    ece eng..

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      by conty911 ·

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      Sounds like your motherboard is giving up.

      by Anonymous ·

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      You are better to invest in another NEW motherboard otherwise you will lose all of your data if you carry on. All of the components you can transfer over to the new motherboard, plus the new motherboard will be a little faster (depending on the age of the motherboard).
      Hope this helps you.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      Power Supply

      by thechas ·

      In reply to motherboard problem…

      While it is possible that your motherboard is failing, I would try a new power supply before replacing the motherboard.

      First though, take a close look at the capacitors on the motherboard.

      Do any have bulges or evidence of leaking?

      If not, use an electronics grade cleaner to clean off the corrosion you see near the CMOS battery, and try a different power supply.


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      by mjd420nova ·

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      Yes, a leaky capacitor could look like corrosion and in the CMOS battery area? Could even be a leaky CMOS battery and that would be fatal to a MOBO. That type of corrosion would eat the traces right off the board. You could remove and inspect the battery and its holder, clean the surrounding area and see what’s up. Weak or dead CMOS batteries can cause some very strange problems that sometimes exhibit intermittent and unrelated faults that defy trouleshooting as they change errors and make you look in other places.

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      I just had bad ram do similar to an Asus Striker2

      by neon samurai ·

      In reply to motherboard problem…

      The machine would be left on only to be frozen when I returned to use it. A reboot would only get as far as RAM INIT (the external POST lcd is fantastic) then stall unless power was left off for a half hour or so. I’d get mobo power lights and fans would spin up but POST wouldn’t complete.

      My new rule; no RAM sees a bootable OS until it’s run under Memtester86 for more than a day without error.

      You can try a few different liveCD and run Memtester out of the boot menu if you think it may be ram. If your getting past the POST that won’t likely be the issue though.

      It sounds more like you need to confirm your warranty and consider a planB while the board goes back for testing and replacement.

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