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motherboard problem

By lmallia06 ·
One of my computers is an emachine T1860, with 18000+ AMD Athlon XP Processor. After a while it started freezing when it was running a program, and i had to manually shut it off everytime. At one point the computer just stopped turning on. There is no bios warning beeps, the fans turn on, but the monitor stays in standby mode and the red light on the motherboard turns on for a second then turns off. Also the main power light and the CD ROM light does not turn on. I have tried switching the graphics card and ram with no sucess. I have come to a conclusion that my motherboard is dead but before i go out and buy a new one, i want to make sure.

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by mjd420nova In reply to motherboard problem

It doesn't sound like a mother board, more like a power supply failure. Try another power supply first. If still no luck, try reseating the CPU, sometimes the develop intermittent pins and it could stop the bootup. Good luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to motherboard problem

I agree with the above answer a Power Supply not putting out sufficient Power will cause that exact problem.

Use a Known Good Power Supply before you do anything else to test the unit out.


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by XT John In reply to motherboard problem

Power supply for sure. I have two gutted e-machine boxes at home, both had bad power supplies. They DID damage the motherboards, btw. You may want to test the mb with a known good power supply. Both AMD boards were toasted. Stupid me just replaced the mb in one box; the power supply smoked that mb, too (doh!)

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by fungus-among-us In reply to motherboard problem

Agreed with the other posters... does your e-machine have one of those tiny little 75watt power supplies? (about the size of two cigarette packs glued together). Most manufacturers (not just in the computer field) use the absolute minimum they can get away with. I have seen 6 emachine/gateway PCs die from cooked up powersupplies. I've always replaced them with replacement microATX powersupplies with at least twice the watt rating.
Good Luck

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by lmallia06 In reply to motherboard problem

its a 250W power supply, and i have tried it with another pc to make sure it didint die, and it worked. i also tried pulling out the graphic card and the 256mb ram so that the it wouldnt overload the power supply and it still doesnt work. the pc powers up, i can even open/close the cd drive, but the monitor stays in stand by mode.

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by lmallia06 In reply to motherboard problem

also tried a 430W power supply

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by vinitogupta In reply to motherboard problem

Hi i have the same problem when i build my P4 3.0ghz with intel se7210tp1 board so i tried couple of things... first unplug the power supply from board and press power button for 30 seconds second remove cmos battery and reseat the processor and put some silver arc thermal paste and plz use the good one, Now final step remove all cards, hdd, cdrom and fdd then try powering up the board and check for display if it works then ur problem is solved

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