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Motherboard problem?

By korgmeister ·

i got a problem here, that i suspect it is my motherboard problem.

the model is LeadTek K7NCR18G Pro
more detail here : http://www.leadtek.com.tw/eng/mainboard/specification.asp?pronameid=79&lineid=3&act=2

actually everything is alright, it boots well and everything seems normal.
however after letting it run for around 20 minutes, the system speakers starts beeping repeatedly and i guess it is CPU overheating. so i decided to open up the case and try to clean the motherboard. so after cleaning it with brush, i put the system back and turn it on.

and guess what! when i turn it on, the monitors didnt show any BIOS screen, i didnt hear the system speaker beeps (hardware checking)

i tried to reassemble everything 3 - 4 times. it nothing really change. :-(
when i turn it on again, still didnt hear any system speaker beeps and no indication of BIOS screen.

the CPU fan, chipset fan, and power cable for CD-ROM, HD, works fine (has light indication, hardisk is running). i also tested the power supply on another system and it just work fine. so the conclusion is it the motherboard fault?

please advice. Thank you

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by Ken_shin In reply to Motherboard problem?

It seems so odd on your part. Anyway, try to reseat your RAM into different slots. You failed to mention that one. Make sure everything is seated properly and tightly.
If all else fails, a new box of motherboard is great solution I think.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Motherboard problem?

I don't think so! Probably it's a bad connection problem. Open your computer's case and verify the RAM and the Video Card, if there are pushed well in the socket. Also see the power cable is connected right to MB.

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by korgmeister In reply to

the video card is on-board type. i did try to take off the entire power supply cable, and wires. and put it back again. still nothing happen

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by entawanabi In reply to Motherboard problem?

SINCE you cleanned it, try to clean the contact surfaces now also, with what I don't know as I don't know what is available in your area; Ether in a spray bottle?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Motherboard problem?

What type of brush did you use?

If it was a synthetic type it could have generated static and degraded the M'Board to such an extent that the Video no longer works. As you have an AGP Port you could try a cheap AGP card in it to see if anything happens.

While I'm not totally sure here generally speaking when you get an overheat alarm you should hear the sound through the system speaker not the main speakers and according to the M'Board Specs it should throw up a screen whenever the CPU goes above a certain temp so I would tend to think that the original problem was something different.

The NVidia Chip Set M'Boards they are very sensitive to having the correct BIOS Version installed and I've had to flash quite a few new M'Boards straight out of the box for internal speaker noise.

It's also possible that when you where brushing the M'Board you flicked off a jumper that is causing the problem as well. Grab your M'Board Manual and check every jumper setting before spending any money which may be unnecessary. Pay particular attention to any jumpers connected with the on board video.

Lets know how you get on


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by 3xp3rt In reply to Motherboard problem?

And how about RAM? You try it if is pluged in well in the socket? This can be a good reason for your problem.

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by korgmeister In reply to Motherboard problem?

i also did reset the BIOS using jumper & removed the BIOS battery & plug it back.

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by korgmeister In reply to Motherboard problem?

i also did reset the BIOS using jumper & removed the BIOS battery & plug it back.

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