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    Motherboard Problem


    by lodyvers_first ·

    I have a ECS K7VMM+ Motherboard and failing to boot.It has an AMI BIOS and beeping 8 times everytime i power up the pc, indicating that i have a bad video memory. The video card is on-board and even i put another video card the beeping still dont stop. I can’t configure the BIOS to boot to my AGP cause it is not booting on my BIOS.

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      Reply To: Motherboard Problem

      by dmiles ·

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      Indicates a memory error on the video adapter. Try re-seating the video card. If it still beeps, try replacing the video card or the memory on the video card.

      Reference the motherboard manual for key (ex F2,F10 or Delete) to enter bios when booting computer,you can then disable the onboard video,then proceed to install a video card.

      Using the system disk that accomponies the MBinsert in drive and boot computer this should also bring up your bios configuration you should then proceed to disable the onboard video.

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      Reply To: Motherboard Problem

      by sgt_shultz ·

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      yes, but he is blind. wonder if somebody could feed him the keystrokes to reset BIOS to defaults or change the primary video or reflash the bios or whatever would be easier. wonder if it would be worth it to try a pci video card

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      Reply To: Motherboard Problem

      by willcomp ·

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      Before you get fixated on BIOS and video, change out system RAM. Removing RAM, cleaning contacts (use pencil eraser or Pink Pearl eraser), and reseating may also clear error. If you have 2 or more sticks of RAM, try booting with each in succession (1 stick installed at a time).

      Error you have can also be caused by faulty system memory.


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        Reply To: Motherboard Problem

        by lodyvers_first ·

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        Having same problems

        by tronic ·

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        This might be an old thread and all buut!

        Im having exactly the same problems with the same mobo. 8 beeps no connection to the screen, checked RAM + GFXcards on other computers, they workin fine.

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