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Motherboard Problems?

By ScooterB ·
I am building a new box with the following components:
Gigabyte 7N400 Pro 2 Rev 2.0 Mobo
AMD Semperon Processor 3000+
Thermaltake CPU fan
1.5G Crucial DDR Ram
Maxtor 200G HD
2 Sony DVD/CD R/W Drives
ATI Radeon 9250 PCI Video Card

For the life of me, I can't get WinXP Pro to load and run stable. I have used all of my limited means to try and trouble shoot this problem. Windows will start (sometimes) and if it does, it runs slow and "jerky". I did update the BIOS to the latest one as listed on the Gigabyte website. I did download and attempted to install the latest drivers for the LAN, Audio, Chipset, etc. The problem with most of these as that when attempting to install the drivers for these, I would get the following, "..driver install failed. Permission denied." I have Googled and tried to find any problems (major ones anyway) and did not see anything. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate your help. My thanks in advance for any and all help given!

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by TheChas In reply to Motherboard Problems?

First, is your RAM the correct speed for your CPU?

Check the clock and RAM speed settings in BIOS setup and verify that all settings are correct for your RAM and CPU.

Which iteration of XP Pro do you have?

You need at least SP1 to support hard drives larger than 137GB.

As far as your driver installation problem, you need to be logged in as Administrator to install drivers.

Recommended driver installation order:

Secondary IDE driver (if you have a second drive controller)


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by ScooterB In reply to

I would have to believe that it is. I am an old school kind of guy and the way that the setings are on the newer boards is very confusing (with basically no documentation). The part number for the ram was devised by crucials site for the motherboard and the CPU. I am in the process now of verifying it.

I am not logged in as "Administrator" but I have given myself Administrator rights. I very seldom (if at all) log in as the Admin. I have never had problems installing drivers before.

My WinXP Pro package is SP2 right off the new CD, so I should be good there.

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by TheChas In reply to Motherboard Problems?


2 problems I have encountered with "strange" system problems:

CPU Front Side Bus and multiplier not properly set by auto-detect in BIOS.
I now manually set CPU speed on EVERY AMD system I build.

Excessive noise on the speed signal line from the CPU or a case fan.

Some fans and some motherboards just do not get along. While this happens more often with case fans, I have seen a few CPU fans that have placed noise spikes on the tach output causing the BIOS to get confused.


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by ScooterB In reply to

That will be my game plan for today. I believe that the CPU is rated at 400 but I believe that the memory may only be 333. I left the bios in auto and that may be the problem. Thanks for the help!

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by ScooterB In reply to Motherboard Problems?

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