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motherboard problems

By yardmaid ·
Can anyone tell me how to check or test to see if a motherboard is good. It's a Compaq Presario 6430nx. I get nothing on the monitor but it sounds like the hard drive starts up. Any ideas?

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to motherboard problems

Symptums of motherbaord failure are many. They range from an overloaded or over worked power supply to loose memory, defective cards, bad or missing connections to various system parts bad CPU or the ultimate one a damaged MBoard. To isolate where you are having trouble, I would begin by:
1. disconnecting everything
2. reseat the memory
3. connect power to only the motherboard and confirm that both the powersupply and cpu fans are functioning.
if neither it could be powersupply power switch or motherboard. Until you can achieve both fans running there is not anyway to continue.
4. re-attach the montior card/monitor. Even though there is no harddrive yet the system should come up with the bios boot screen. Possibilities are that you have a failed monitorcard or defective monitor. If you can try substituting them onto another system.
5. As each thing starts working you can progress with hardrives, diskdrives, cdroms etc.
** If the powersupply is weak or overworked you may find that symptums reappear as you add more stuff.

Good luck
regards rick

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by yardmaid In reply to

I still get nothing on my monitor i don't even get an error beep when i turn it on. Both fans run and when i plug in my hard drive it sounds like it starts but still a black screen. I tried clearing cmos and taking out battery still get nothing .I know monitorandvideo card are good.anynmore ideas? Please.

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by yardmaid In reply to motherboard problems

I did what you said except i'm notsure what you mean by reseating the memory, is clearing cmos?But i stillget nothing but a black screen. Both fans are running when i turn it on.My video and monitor are both good. any more ideas please
Thank you Marlene

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by Juergen Hartl In reply to motherboard problems

reseating Memory: Making sure the memory strips have good contact. Pull them out and resinsert them.
If you have more tham one memory module I would also try with only one installed.

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to motherboard problems

Ok marlene it would appear that you have power to the mother board but are not getting past the POST (Power-on self test). As such since you are sure the video and montior are ok, there can be only 3 possible causes. 1) the memory is bad or not making good strong connection in the sockets. 2) the CPU itself is dead or 3) the motherboard is dead.
By the Way, todays hardrives will spin-up to operating speed even if the MB/CPU fail, thusly all that tells you is that the HDD is getting power.

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