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Motherboard Trouble

By OneMercury ·
Less then 24hours ago, this computer was working fine, during this time it was off. When it was turned on today, it sounded three beeps pause and repeated.
After replacing the power supply and turning it on it did not beep, but there was no video display (no flickering on monitor). Pressing and holding the power button, the system shut down.

Turning the system back on and it starts to beep three time pause and again...
Thinking the video card was too new for the monitor (very old), I installed a video card I knew would work with the monitor.

Pressing the power button, the system sounds like its booting into windows, but still no display.
I turned the system off by holding the power button then flipping the switch on the power supply to off, I removed the older video card and replaced it with the original card and tried a different monitor.

I turned the power supply on then turn the computer on and again it sounds like its booting into windows (no video display). The system would not shut off via the power button so I used the switch on the power supply then I turned it back on and it beeped. To see what would happen, I turned the computer on and it still beeped.

Ok, so I pull the plug again and replace it and power on system and it sounds fine (no video). Turning it off with power button and turning it back on would make the beeps again.

Mother Board:
ASRock K7VT2 ATA133 USB 2.0

Chips on MB:
VIA VT8235
Winbound W83697FH
ASRock (lite copper color) fins

Any suggestion?
Thanks, Russ

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MOBO Problem

by mjd420nova In reply to Motherboard Trouble

Sounds like the memory is bad. The video card
should start first, displaying it's memory, then
the ram counts. Does the keyboard flash it's lights?? Also double check the CMOS battery.

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test your memory

by tammyhurt_37601 In reply to Motherboard Trouble

My Laptop did the same thing as your desktop, after trying everything I could I finally took it to a shop and there they told me that my memory blew up from a power surge.... there is two thing that will cause a pc to just that.. one is the memory and the other is the cpu itself.. so try that and hgood luck

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Must be CPU

by OneMercury In reply to Motherboard Trouble

I changed the memory and it still just beeps. Thanks to both of your for your help, not to break the news to my friend. :)


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M/B or HDD?

by peteloo In reply to Motherboard Trouble

I once had a problem like this. I finally found out that the HDD had crashed. It overheated.
Try to plug the video display to another PC or notebook if you can. This will establish if it is working at all. If not, replace this.
If it is working, then I would suspect the HDD.
Did you leave the PC running 24hrs? If it's the HDD overheating, you can take this out, wrap it in some paper and place it in the freezer for the night. Take it out the next day and wait 5hrs or so before plugging it back into the PC.


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CPU Socket

by traceyt509 In reply to M/B or HDD?

I had almost identical symptoms on a Asus A7V266 (iirc) and it turned out that the CPU Socket had developed a fault. Installed new Mobo under warranty and everything was fine. Good luck.

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You'll have to read the Beep Codes in your

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Motherboard Trouble

M'Board manual but mostly a 3 beep pattern denotes a memory problem. You might try removing any RAM you have fitted and reseating it and see if things improve.

While you're at it a good clean up wouldn't hurt either so with the covers off the box either use a vacuum to suck out all the dust and crud that builds up inside the cases and look at the Ram Sockets to see if they have a lot of gunk around them. Or you can use compressed air to do the same thing but you'll have to be careful and not allow the fans to spin as they will generate electricity.

On a particularly bad case I actually found so much dust inside a case that it had turned to mud and set solid after a bout of wet weather. Generally however they will call it quits long before they reach this stage. But use your M'Board book and that will tell you what is actually wrong and then you have a place to start working from.

Well your M'Board manual is no help what so ever as it fails to mention the Beep Codes so if you don't have any joy with the RAM and it is still Under Guarantee RMA it to the people you bought it from.

Col ]:)

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Various Bios beep codes

by retstg In reply to Motherboard Trouble

Looks like memory to me also but the beep codes are dependant on which Bios is used. Included some info and links below that may help you. Looks like the AMI Bios is what you have from what I can tell here at their support site.

AMI BIOS beep codes
3 beeps indicates a Base 64K memory read/write test failure
Reseat memory or replace with known good chips.

AwardBIOS beep codes
1 long & 2 short Video error
Check the video card.
Any other beeps RAM problem
Reseat the RAM or replace with known good chips.

Dell BIOS beep codes
HP BIOS beep codes
Compaq (Hewlett-Packard)
IBM BIOS beep codes

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