Motherboard virus

By icerman ·
My computer with a boot-type virus,
Presence that would be similar to the CIH, may be transmitted from the U disk.
1 Press Power button to start, may already be reside on the motherboard where you can erase.
Specifically modify the bios of information, even if the discharge may also be of no use, the system time is modified (but also in the cmos does not show up), tried a lot of time locking the software will not work.
Is it time to start, the system was the first to break it? Into the system (vista), the virus is through the performance of the biggest changes DMI System Information (shielded physical memory, making 2G become 1G), and there may be from outside the program calls virus program, I have installed COMODO, Norton and qq doctor.
However, the virus changes the system time is likely to cause anti-virus software failure,
I expected a set of programs is to use linux boot disk, and then use the kill98, kv, kav for dos for killing, but the virus uses to start interrupt, do not know when I start the CD, is not the first to make the virus in stay.
There should be a kind of free software can run under vista, direct-sector viruses, interruption of virus and Motherboard's virus safety board complete killing, rather than the other complex programs.
Please expert help!
My e-mail: icerhole@gmail.com

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"should be a kind of free software"

by santeewelding In reply to Motherboard virus

When were you born? Yesterday?

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Unless you desire

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Motherboard virus

to be spammed out of existence, I suggest editing your post to remove your email address.

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Not sure that I really understand your question here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Motherboard virus

But if you mean that the BIOS has been altered by some kind of Infection you need to change the BIOS IC on the M'Board. If this is a Desktop not a problem just buy another BIOS Chip from a place like BIOS Man here


However if it is a NB in use here with the CMOS Chip soldered tot he M'Board all you can do is try Flashing the BIOS to remove the infection.

But having said that I have yet to run across any type of Infection that actually affects the BIOS. You may however need to wipe the HDD with something like Boot & Nuke


or Kill Disc


To totally destroy any Infection on the Boot Sector of the HDD.


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Utilities like Kill Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Not sure that I really un ...

Wipe the Entire HDD so it goes back to what looks like new HDD with no Partitions or anything on it at all. This utility will destroy anything on the HDD at all. and it will need to be prepared and formatted after a utility like this is run.

As for Unallocated Space on any Formatted HDD this is perfectly normal as the Formatting Utilities can not format 100% of the available space some needs to be left for system use.


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