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motherboard will not boot under ddr 400

By bltnasa ·
hi ive recently purchased all the components needed for a new comp abit kd7-a mobo, 2500+amd cpu ect ect.the motherboard suppossed to support 40 drr but will only boot under ddr333. ive run memtest86 3.0 with no errors the module is ocz rev3 ddr 400 256mb. my settings in the bios for cpu are at 166 in the memory category also 166fsb frequency dram frequency also 166
dram clock 166,,timing selectable=manual,,cAs2,
interleave 4,,precharge to active 2t,
active to precharge 6t,,active to cmd 2t
dramburst 8,,dram command rate 2t,,
write recovery 3t/5t(no auto),
ddr400 twtr timing control 2t,,
DQS input an output delay at auto
whew ok uh if i only view the softmenu with the cpu settings which are seemingly reading correct being it is showing the cpu an bus speed,its ok as long as i do not exit an save,which will boot into ddr 333. if i save after viewing,itll boot under ddr 400, then error blue screen comes up.ive exausted the forums at abit an with abit support pretty much to no no avail.the settings ive givin you are the settings i got from a forum answer. but have not saved an exted from the cpu soft menu area so it will boot into ddr 400.because i wanted to get more help on the subject first

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by CG IT In reply to motherboard will not boot ...

haven't looked at the mainboard manual but if that Abit board is anything like a K7N2G-L MSI mainboard, only 2 DDR slots on the board will support DDR400 [and only a certain amount of DDR memory] and then there are 2 specific slots you have to put the memory modules in.

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by CG IT In reply to

well I looked at the Abit manual for that particular mainboard and no, there are no specific slots that the DDR 400 need to go in other than one must be in DIMM slot 1 [closest slot to the processor] and that only 2 GB of unbuffered memory can be used. Other than that there are no list limitations.
I could find no other references in the manual pertaining to possible issues with running DDR 400 memory modules.

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by csmith In reply to motherboard will not boot ...

A problem we run into, occasionally, is that the memory will not run at rated speed.
This is problem occurs mostly with cheap memory.
Regards Chris

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by bltnasa In reply to motherboard will not boot ...

the memory is high grade it is oczmemory

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