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Motion Capture or Touchscreen Technology?

By RayFoxxe ·
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As we all know. Technology is advancing day-by-day and the demand by people for better and easier access for both computing and gaming is increasing each day. So far, we've already broken the barrier with interaction as we've developed touch technology interface and again making another breakthrough with motion capture interface. But which of the two do you prefer most?

Sure motion capture is cool since you use your whole body to interact with a program or a game, the good side to this is the ease of interface and the feeling of being in a real world within the virtual world. The downside though, some people think they'd look stupid moving around, making random gestures, or waving some controller shaped in either a plastic sword or a guitar. And the problem with this is, you'd need a camera and a program that can make use of the motion capture system and it's not easy to obtain something like this for mobile use and it's complicated to troubleshoot if an issue occurs. So it's not all perfect for everyone. You can't please everyone anyway.

Meanwhile, touchscreen offers little but it does get the job done. Interfacing with an object or an application easily with a touch of a finger. The good side to this is the ease of access and the interface possibilities. And here comes the bad side, while some people say that touchscreen is rather lame since you can't do much but just push things on the screen, some kids are fascinated by this, but others already got bored. When it comes to mobile technology, touchscreen interfaces are good, but sometimes it gets nasty to click that object or push the key letters on the screen if you have stubby big fingers. The problem this poses is that, long term use of the touchscreen panel wears it down quickly and so the screen is most likely to only last 3 - 4 years of use. And if the screen breaks or if you push too hard and something inside get damaged, you can't use the touch panel anymore. Again, not too perfect and not everyone prefers touch technology.

So which one would you prefer or think is best, before the new development in interface kicks in?

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The right interface for the application.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Motion Capture or Touchsc ...

Neither will be applicable in all circumstances, and neither will force the keyboard out of existence.

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I rather like some of the science fiction solutions

by Slayer_ In reply to Motion Capture or Touchsc ...

The direct to brain interface would of course be good.
There is another where, its a mixture of touch and motion, you put your hands in a field that gets tracked, this same field projects the screen. So you effectively reach into your screen and interact with it.
And I am hoping someone remakes a game like Mount & blade, but gives the user a sword and shield and has you fight, and the game duplicates exactly what you do, not just preset animations triggered by specific movements. I want to be able to lift my shield over my head and stab a guy in the gut at the same time. I want to be able to flip my sword around in my hand and smash a guys skull with the tip of the handle. I want to be able to swing a flail. Throw a spear and stab with a lance, fire a bow into a crowd. Even kick a guy off a ladder. That would be a really good work out. Would kill off Wii fit pretty fast :)

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Off-topic: what's with the new avatar?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I rather like some of the ...

I don't see any circumstances where I would see the benefits of a direct interface as outweighing the negatives of a jack in my head.

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Well I can't use my nice animated one

by Slayer_ In reply to Off-topic: what's with th ...

And the other was a pixelated mess, so I switched to this one.
Is it no good?

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No, it displays fine.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Well I can't use my nice ...

It shows up nicely, even if I have no clue who it is.

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No, I mean my old avatar, it was badly rendered

by Slayer_ In reply to No, it displays fine.

This new Avatar is no one . It's a video game character placeholder.

These are my current avatars, should I use one of the others instead?

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The first and third ones are very dark

by CharlieSpencer In reply to No, I mean my old avatar, ...

I doubt they'd show up well. I had to look at the first one in detail before I could make out the figure.

I knew what you meant about the old one; I just didn't express myself well (again). Gosh, I miss my flag...

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I can't wait 2 txt u wit full-body motion capture.

by seanferd In reply to Motion Capture or Touchsc ...

It will be excessive and hilarious.

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Wouldn't that be weird?

by RayFoxxe In reply to I can't wait 2 txt u wit ...

Mobile technology with motion-capture? owo This reminds me of the holo-phone things in sci-fi movies.

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Add force-feedback...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I can't wait 2 txt u wit ...

and you can facepunch your friends realtime from across the continent

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