Moto Z extreme battery drain.

By jsturtsman ·
Although it's not known as globally right now as the Apple battery issue, there is another battery problem out there that may be of interest to Moto Z ( and perhaps other brands) owners.

The battery drain of the Moto phones after the 7.1.1 update is nothing short of astounding. The update has rendered a large number of phones almost useless. Phones that used to go days without charging are now down to less than a day if not several hrs. This update has also caused Bluetooth and other issues as well.
It seems at this point, only a replacement or repair ( battery and sometimes mainboard ) solves the problem.

Unfortunately, many people are out of warranty ( these phones are less than 2 yrs old) with no insurance and must absorb the cost. In some cases, the parts are on a significant back order and even some times not even available.

Lenovo ( formally Moto) has basically washed their hands of this major issue with their flagship models

I am currently involved in several discussions that are addressing this major issue. If you are having this problem or can help in any way, please feel free to comment here or in the following discussion...

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Moto Z Battery Drain

by johncmck In reply to Moto Z extreme battery dr ...

Since the most recent update, my wife's Moto Z battery has been draining at an astounding rate. Verizon Wireless has been useless so far, trying to get us to pay for insurance before they will even look at it for us.

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I faced it too.

by ankitr1c1431 In reply to Moto Z extreme battery dr ...

Moto Z and some other smartphone including galaxy s9+ or iPhone having battery drain issue, I was aware of the fact that now I'm using a smartphone like blackview p10000 pro which is a mix blend of everything and the best part is its huge battery life, it comes with a 16000mAh battery. For me, the battery is the only issue cause I'm a gamer. Energizer p16 k pro is my first choice as to battery life but it's yet to be launched.

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Moto Z extreme battery drain.

by lawniczaktowe55 In reply to Moto Z extreme battery dr ...

Here is some tips that could save battery life.
1. Lower Screen Brightness
2. Tighten Up Auto-Lock the shortest period for your device, namely 30 seconds.
3. Turn off Wi-fi if You Don't Need It
4. Limit Background Refresh for Applications
5. Restrict Unimportant Notifications
6. Don't Update Apps Automatically
7. Do not Activate Location Service
8. Use Low Power Mode

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Moto Z extreme battery drain.

by jsturtsman In reply to Moto Z extreme battery dr ...

Thank you for your tips, unfortunately, this problem is a bit bigger than some minor tweeks.
i suggest you read some comments from the forum I posted above.

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Moto Z extreme battery drain

by lorihugheswriter In reply to Moto Z extreme battery dr ...

This is happening not only with the Moto Z but also the newest releases as well, such a bummer to be honest.

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My opinion

by nohoriba In reply to Moto Z extreme battery dr ...

It seems to me that Apple will soon supersede all equipment
from the market and become monopolists, so discussions of other batteries and phones will soon be useless, if, of course, people cease to be led by the apple brand and look at other phones: https://www.firstordercode.com/shop/bestbuy.ca. What do you think?

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Has a solution been found to the Moto Z battery drain?

by holamarines In reply to Moto Z extreme battery dr ...

My Moto Z, which worked well for only 7 months, works only if it is plugged.
Has a solution been found to the battery drain?
If I change the battery, will the problem be solved or it will continue because the reasons of the battery drain are others but the battery?
Thanks in advance for your advice.

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