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Motorola Phone Tools and Microsoft need to linkup

By stilwell_tom ·
I have Motorola Phone Tools. I have an older version and it worked well with the older phone that I had. I got a Razor Phone, V3M, and I had to contact Motorola for a download to upgrade to get it to find my new razor phone. The problem is that I can not transfer my pictures from my phone to the computer as before without emailing them. Would you do a White Paper on this Please. Thank You. It sounds like MicroSoft should have a tool for transfering Pictures From Cell Phones directly to Computers Built In on all Operating Systems.
When a Cell Phone is Purchased, They never tell you that You Have To Purchase Software To Transfer Pictures. That Is A Rip OFF.

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I agree

by The Scummy One In reply to Motorola Phone Tools and ...

and have you noticed that without the Motorola Phone Tools SW, you cannot charge your phone from the PC's USB port?

It charges fine in Linux though (but I havent tried transferring photos from the phone)...

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How is this Microsoft's fault?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Motorola Phone Tools and ...

If the fault is anyone's, it's either Motorola's for not making their phone compatible with the dominant desktop operating system, or your's for not doing your research before you purchased this model. It's always been the job of hardware manufacturers to write the software needed to connect to Microsoft's (or anyone else's) operating system.

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For the drivers yes

by The Scummy One In reply to How is this Microsoft's f ...

but why does Windows disable the use of charging via USB unless the proper SW is installed?
Windows sees it as a Motorola phone, and then cuts the power unless the phone tools are installed.

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