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    mounting windows 98 on linux


    by graur ·

    I have a dual boot system (Win98 and Redhat linux 9) and when I try to mount the windows partition by mkdir/mnt/c or mkdir/mnt/windows I get No such file or directory.Where do I find an explicit list of useful commands in Redhat linux 9?I would like an useful manual. Help please.

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      Reply To: mounting windows 98 on linux

      by sirmalcom ·

      In reply to mounting windows 98 on linux

      A good site for basic linux commands is :

      ok, first thing the ‘mkdir’ is a command that creates a directory. To find out information about any specific command just type “man ” and then the command name i.e.:
      man mkdir

      Next you have to actually mount the partition. You do this by using the “mount” command.

      most commands require root access. To do this without loging in as root, at the terminal you can type:
      su –

      After entering the root’s password, you’re allowed root access for this terminal. BE CAREFUL of what you do here because you can really mess up not only your linux operating system, but your windows’ as well.

      To make a directory called ‘windows’ in your /mnt folder:
      mkdir /mnt/windows

      Once you have created your directory you need find out some information about your partition table.

      Two major things you need to know: the physical location of the windows partition i.e. /dev/hda1, and the file type (most likely fat32). You can find this information out by using the fdisk command (must be root).
      fdisk (your hard drive) i.e.:
      it’s probably:
      fdisk /dev/hda

      The ‘a’ at the end signifies that you are looking at the first ide disk. 2nd would be /dev/hdb and so on

      you are presented with a new prompt
      Command (m for help):

      CAREFUL as messing around with some fo these commands can erase your partition table and thus all data on that hard drive!

      press ‘p’ and enter
      here you should see information about your hard drive. You want to look for a line that looks like this:
      Device … System
      /dev/hdaN … W95 FAT32
      N is for the partition number your windows is given

      press ‘q’ and enter to exit fdisk without saving any changes

      now you can mount your drive
      i.e. (partition is /dev/hda1 and fat or fat32 partition type in example)

      mount -t msdos /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows

      you can check out “man mount” for info about the mount command

      that should do it for you.
      type ‘exit’ to leave root access

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      Reply To: mounting windows 98 on linux

      by 3xp3rt ·

      In reply to mounting windows 98 on linux

      For your problem look out for ?Linux Samba server how to?. For accessing a windows partition you need the Samba server installed to your Linux. After this how can you access the windows partition, and how can you manage it, read documentations for Samba server.

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