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By jackinfundi ·
I have mounted a cdrom on my linux but it is not still playing videos, am using real player, which is arleady installed. What might be the problem?

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by stress junkie In reply to Mounting

More information required. Here are a few questions as
examples of the type of information. The more
information the better.

Is the drive a CDROM drive or a DVD drive?
Is the disk a CDROM or DVD?
If the disk is CDROM then is it a VCD or does it have a
file system? If it has a file system what type?
Does the drive work at all for anything?
What is the make and model of the drive?
What Linux distribution do you have, including
Is the disk you're trying to play something that
someone created in their own computer or is it a
commercial product?
If you put in a music CDROM does that work?
If you put the "CDROM" disk that doesn't work into a
stand alone DVD player will it work?

The way you worded your question I can't even tell if
the CDROM that you mention is the drive or the disk.
Please provide a lot more information about what you
are doing and what the computer is doing and what it
isn't doing that you expected it to do.

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by alokchauhan1 In reply to Mounting

for playing video, u can use mplayer software from to run the maximum movie format on Linux environment. just try this amazing open software.

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by kieuminhvn In reply to Mounting

In Linux operating system as I have ( GNU/Debian Linux kernel 2.6.7) I normaly use mplayer for playing all kinds of video files including image files and video CD. Because you did not mention which kind of CDROM drive you have i mean your CDROM drive can play DVD or just only VCD if you have only VCD drive so you could play only VCD or audio CD but if you have installed DVD drive so you could play both VCD and DVD video CD.

For playing VCD disk in your CDROM you do not need to mount CDROM drive by command mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom or somewhere just need to perform a command
mplayer -vcd 2 or you can give more detailed options such as mplayer -ao alsa9 -vo xv -vcd 2 it will work well. In case you have DVD drive and you want to play DVD disk you may use command : mplayer -dvd 1 ( or 2 depending on each disk if 1 does not work so you put 2)For simple way of running your video CD you may put shortcut on desktop separately for VCD or DVD and when you need to use just doble click on the icon and it will work.

Good luck

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by hiren2k4 In reply to Mounting

-> Install mplayer

-> First mount cdrom with
$ mount /dev/cdrom

-> Then type following:
$ mplayer /dev/cdrom/mpegav/avseq01.dat

-> Thats it.. Enjoy!

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