mouse acts erratic after about an hour than pc locks up

By kamalot ·
Microsoft Windows 98 4.10.2222 A
Clean install using Full OEM CD /T:C:\WININST0.400 /SrcDir=D:\WIN98 /IE /NF /IZ /IS /IQ /IT /II /NR /II /C /U:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IE 5 6.0.2800.1106
Uptime: 0:00:52:45
Normal mode

AuthenticAMD AMD Athlon(tm) processor
57% system resources free
Windows-managed swap file on drive C (27266MB free)
Available space on drive C: 27266MB of 2**66MB (FAT32)
After about an hour mouse moves erratic, not smoothly, jumps as you move mouse across pad.

I've replaced memory only to have it do same thing. replaced mouse does same thing.

Run all kinds of diagnostic software (video, hard drive, CPU, memory, Etc)to still not find a problem, causing this erratic behaver.

If PC is run in safe mode no problem with mouse at all or lock up.

If I reboot PC when problem starts I don't have problem for at least an another hour.

Also scanned for viruses, spyware, etc, didn't find anything.

Even if nothing other than windows running and normal start up programs mouse will still act erratic after about an hour.

Does anyone have an answer or suggestions that I haven't tried? I also have reseated all MB wiring connections.

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re: mouse jumpin' around

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to mouse acts erratic after ...

Sounds heat related to me. Have you checked to see what the temp is climbing to when this problem starts? Is the computer well ventilated and not in an enclosure (desk)? What happens if you take the side door off and let it run? Is the case full of dust bunnies blocking air flow over the cooling tower?

That's just a few things I can think of. But it certainly sounds heat related to me.

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mouse jumpin' around

by kamalot In reply to re: mouse jumpin' around

Thanks for your input. I thought of all the things you mentioned. Doesn't make a difference if case side panel is on or off, tired that also. No dust bunnies either. CPU temps are inn range. It?s not over clocked either. In my think if it was heat related, rebooting wouldn't allow what ever is over heating to cool down enough during reboot. It should start acting weird almost immediately upon reboot, It?s like a clock is reset which give another hour before it starts acting erratic again.

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