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I have about 75 users about 10 are either HP or Lenovo lap tops the rest are HP desktops. Last week I had 4 users that were having issues with there mouse lagging behind. I had all of them reboot there PC's and this fixed the issue on all but one. With this user I deleted all files in C:\windows\temp and %temp% and did a disk clean up. the performance of the mouse increased some but not to where it should be. I then went into msconfig and disabled things like Itunes help, Light scribe, dvd software ect. rebooted the PC and it works great. Later that same day I had the same issue on three other PC's did the same thing and it fixed the issue. The next day I was off and the issue occurred on more PC's using the same technique the tech was able to fix the issue. On one of the machines he unplugged the Ethernet cable and the issue went away and would come right back when he would plug it in. If he connected with WiFi and had the Ethernet unplugged the issue went away. He took the system to his office and plugged it into his cable and the pc messed up again. When he took his PC to the users office and plugged in there cable he had no issues. This could be replicated with anyone that has the issue.
Since the issue started anyone that has been fixed has stayed that one except one user (we repeated the process and they've had no further issue.) I have scanned the servers and pcs and there are no virus's / malware ect. We have not done any software or hardware changes.

Any help or thoughts would be great.

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