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Mouse Double Clicks on Single Click

By Shawn316 ·
Lately, when I single click with my mouse, it double clicks, I have tried reinstalling the mouse drivers, and checking the mouse physcially. I have also checked the mouse settings and they are all correct, and double click to open a item (single click to select it ) is selected. The mouse worked find for ages, but only now has this started happening, anyone have any other ideas on what could be causing this.

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by dmiles In reply to Mouse Double Clicks on Si ...

The ages part may be the cause of the problem,try cleaning the rollers on the inside of the ball area.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Mouse Double Clicks on Si ...

Well I am not sure how the motion rollers would affect double clicking, haven't seen that YET, but it does sound like either
a) you have a virus
b) the mouse may have passed away (should we call ASPCA about your cruelty to animals? Did you FEED it?

You may also want to check that your double click speed hasn't been increased, resulting in all clicks being double. But I would suggest try another mouse, they are pretty darn chep these days and you can usually get something better anyway.

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by Jaqui In reply to Mouse Double Clicks on Si ...

and if oz's suggestions don't work
try changing the setting to single click, hit apply then changing it back.

seen this problem with mdk 10.1 and that was the fix, every time system booted.
( one reason why I use linux from scratch now )

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by glyall In reply to Mouse Double Clicks on Si ...

the mouse maybe bad
the switch under the clicker maybe bad

you can take it a part and check the switch
you might have dirt or something between the switch and the clicker

keep you mouse clean inside and out
makes for a better mouse

good luck

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by Shawn316 In reply to Mouse Double Clicks on Si ...

I already did all this stuff, I don't have a virus, I took the mouse apart, it's clean and works fine. My settings are all correct, the correct and most updated drivers are being used. I think the mouse itself has just died, looks like a passing by car will see it fly out my window. The mouse was a gift, made by retail plus, thats 2 pieces of equipment I have from that company that sucked, a usb hub and a mouse, I'll never buy retail plus again.

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by DouglasB In reply to Mouse Double Clicks on Si ...

Did you try a different mouse to see if it works?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Mouse Double Clicks on Si ...

yeah. i try it in Safe mode. if problems then, it's a bad mouse or less likely a bad mouse port or adapter...

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by lmayeda In reply to Mouse Double Clicks on Si ...

I've noticed the same symptom on a couple of my PCs. Ive installed a lot of Microsoft patches. Do you suppose any of the updates could have affected the workings of the mice? Sorry, I haven't noticed the operating systems nor the mouse type.
Anyone else have similar issues?

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by Edwinandtrish In reply to

I do. Everytime I update with microsoft patches and/or flash upgrades, the same thing happens to my mouse. There's something in the upgrades that is doing it. And I forget how to fix it every time. I have trouble selecting, as well. You select it and then it suddenly unselects because the mouse has done it "twice." It's totally maddening.

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by okyaynoz In reply to Mouse Double Clicks on Si ...

I have the same problem..

My mouse is A4tech and it is quite good mouse.

I have been using it for 3 years. No problem at all..

When i click only once it runs as clicking twice..

I think this is a new virus but i couldnt find it..

Zonealarm security suite,Searchbot and destroy and ad-aware professional scanned my computer but they all couldn't find it..

The last thing i have downloaded is mozilla firefox..

Anyone who can help?

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