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    mouse freezes with Windows 10 ver 1909 and above

    by jg enterprises ·

    I have a DELL Laptop series 3000 which came with Windows 8.1 originally. I updated to Windows 10 ver 1803 with no issues. However, since updating to ver 1909 or 2004, the mouse (or the touchpad) freezes as you scroll across the screen. It works fine in Safe Mode but not in Normal modes.
    I tried:
    1-turning off every service I can, but the problem persists.
    2-Installing new drivers.
    Any suggestions would be welcome.

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      When you say Mouse or Touch Pad

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to mouse freezes with Windows 10 ver 1909 and above

      Do you mean 2 different devices or you are referring to the Touch Pad as the mouse?

      If it’s the Touch Pad then it is a driver issue and because of Upgrading repeatedly you most likely have Driver Problems with the Hardware or just because it says Windows 10 that doesn’t mean that the driver is written for Windows 10 2004 but an earlier version of 10.

      You may have better luck using a USB Mouse but if that doesn’t work you’ll most likely have to wipe the OS and install the latest version of Windows as a Clean Install and then hunt down any drivers that the Installer can not find.

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        mouse freezes

        by jg enterprises ·

        In reply to When you say Mouse or Touch Pad

        Thanks for replying.
        It’s actually both, but I seldom use the Touch Pad. It happens with any mouse I plug in, even Wireless.
        I just installed Windows 10 ver 2004 from scratch on a new HD. Same problem.
        In all situations, the mouse works normal while on Safe Mode but not in Normal mode. Other than most services not loading, I’m not sure what else is different between the two modes. I’ve turned off every service it would let me while in Normal mode but there is no change. I have been fighting this problem for almost two years now and I must get it fixed.

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          You’re not going to like the answer then

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to mouse freezes

          But it’s not going to be an acceptable answer don’t install that version of 10 use the older version as obviously the hardware doesn’t support 2004.

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          mouse freezes

          by jg enterprises ·

          In reply to You’re not going to like the answer then

          Thanks for your reply.
          That would only be a temporary solution since the latest version it works with is 1803 which is already obsolete.
          I refuse to believe that there are no solutions. As explained before, it DOES work with ver 2004 in Safe Mode. therefore the hardware and drivers are OK. Something, not driver related, is causing the problem. I’m not giving up yet.

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          But Safe Mode doesn’t have many services running

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to mouse freezes

          Just because it works there doesn’t mean it’s going to work when Windows is fully open and in many cases it implies nothing. It’s just the same as some people saying when I press the power button light light up but the computer doesn’t start so the Power Supply must be working.

          Well it is but not necessary on all power rails or that it is producing any current on those rails it just shows that there is Voltage there no current.

          But the number of bits of hardware that simply do not work that are Windows 10 compliant that I’ve run across over the years is horrendous and they simply do not work because drivers are not working with the newest version of Windows when they worked with prior versions.

          In the old days some called it the Microsoft Tax having their drivers being certified as Compliant but these days that no longer happens and as it is all Windows 10 they should work. I’ve seen hardware sold to work on 10 junked because newer versions of Windows it stops working on and other than sticking with the older versions your only option is to junk the hardware. That ranges from a 50K Photocopier to to a lowly $100 scanner.

          And Windows 10 isn’t the first time this has happened it’s been going on ever since XP was done away with things that where sold a Windows Compliant simply stop working when you install the newest patch. Back in the old days we where told 7 and 8 drivers where the same but things that worked perfectly with 7 simply never worked with 8 and many that originally worked with 7 stopped working when a new patch was added.

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