Mouse Freezes

By luv2bike2 ·
the other day, my mouse - cursor- (wireless mouse) started with freezing up on me, until i click one of the buttons and than i am fine. If I do not use the mouse with in 10 seconds or so, the cursor will not move if i move the mouse. i have rebooted the computer several times, check the device manager to see if the mouse is working properly, gone into the mouse software and everything looks good to me. i have also ran Norton anti-virus and 3 anti-spyware software and they came up all clean.
Any other ideas as to where i should go to see why the mouse(cursor) is freezing up on me?

i am using Windows XP, SP 2, all ms updates are applied.


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I know that this may sound crazy but,

by cmiller5400 In reply to Mouse Freezes

Is the mouse charged if chargeable or batteries new? Could be low batteries causing it to shut down so soon.

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wireless mouse

by luv2bike2 In reply to I know that this may soun ...

I have to put the mouse in its charger and i did that as well over night with the computer up and running, maybe i need to check to see if i need new batteries for it. i did not think about that. Thanks for your help i will check it out.

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10 seconds AND it's wireless - it's not freezing - just sleeping.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Mouse Freezes

Perhaps the driver software that came with this wireless beast has an adjustment for how quickly it falls asleep.

If pressing the left button starts it up again, then you are simply waking it.

If you cannot adjust the sleep function of the mouse, you could always retry the one with a tail.

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sleep function

by luv2bike2 In reply to 10 seconds AND it's wirel ...

I did not see anything in the mouse software about sleep function but i will double check. and i will try a mouse with a "tail". thanks for your suggestion!

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Some suggestions.

by aSy In reply to sleep function

(1) The most important question. Did you try it in another machine?
(2) Try to keep the signal clean, remove any object between the mouse and the receiver, specially speakers and cellphones.
(3) On the bottom of your mouse and the receiver you'll find a little button. It may be small and require a paperclip to depress, or it may be a good size with the word "connect" near it. Most of the time you depress the receiver button first, then the mouse. Check your owner's manual to make sure.
(4) Please post the model and brand of your mouse, i'll look up the info for you.

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Thank you!

by luv2bike2 In reply to Some suggestions.

After I pressed the connect buttons on both the receiver and the mouse, i am all set.
Thanks, i don't know why i did not think of doing that. i guess it is one of brain mishaps.

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