Mouse Freezing...Power Supply Issue?

By dnugent ·
My mouse randomly freezes for short instants of time, then works again. It worked great for the longest time, and now this. I use a corded Logitech Optical Wheel mouse through a USB port in WinXP. When it happens, the cursor freezes, the red light from underneath the mouse stops, and windows makes the usual "a USB device has been unplugged/plugged-in" sounds. The actual freeze length depends... goes from 5-15 seconds. Any suggestions?

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Replace It

by TheChas In reply to Mouse Freezing...Power Su ...

First, try plugging the receiver into a different USB port, and changing the batteries in the mouse.

If that does not correct the problem, I would just replace the mouse.


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Chas is right per usual.

by w2ktechman In reply to Mouse Freezing...Power Su ...

I see this often with travel mice. It will not fix no matter how often you unplug it. Replace the mouse and notice the difference.

If ti continues on a new mouse, then you have USB problems and post back.

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New Mouse

by dnugent In reply to Chas is right per usual.

Thanks for the advice. I will replace the mouse and post my results. As an aside, a co-worker of mine is having the same problem (the problem started at approximately the same time), and her computer/mouse was purchased at the same exact time. Perhaps this particular mouse has a limited life expectancy.

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Its not hardware.

by Rocko MonkeyBone In reply to Mouse Freezing...Power Su ...

As most that have replied to this say its hardware. It isn't. This has been going on for sometime now.
There was a patch released, good old patch wednesdays, that some how has started to disconnect USB devices at random. The only way to sort this is to manualy disconnect and reconnect. There isn't a patch to fix it nor are there any drivers you can get. And it is DEFINITELY NOT hardware. When it first kicked off all those months ago, we thought the same as others, possible hardware, or software corruption. We've tried various producers of usb devices to see if its a control component on the devices or if its a similar driver etc. Even motherboards have been tested, all have the same issue. Its another fantastic MS update for their air tight software.

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Which MS patch?

by whurd2004 In reply to Its not hardware.

I have the same problem on multiple PCs and hardware has been ruled out. Changed mice, drivers,MBs, swapped USB ports, etc. Do you have any further info on which MS Patch is to blame.

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Bad Hardware

by aaron.irby In reply to Mouse Freezing...Power Su ...

There is only two possiblitiesfor this. Either your mouse or the cable from your mouse is bad or your USB controller is failing.
The first step is to plug the mouse into a USB port thats on a different controller. (If you have it plugged into the front try a USB connector on the back and visa versa if it is plugged into the back. This should ensure that it is on a completely diferent controller.) Ifyou still have the same issues then good news. You only have to replace your mouse. If it doesn't happen any more then your USB controller is failing and it could be a sighn that your mother board is failing.
Your power supply has nothing to do with this. If your power supply were going out your computer would turn off and that's about it. Worst case scenario with your power supply is it's sending power surges through your computer but I promise you would find out instantly if it were doing that.

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same problem - but don't think it's the mouse

by sc In reply to Bad Hardware

unplugging the mouse the computer still freezes every
seconds. typing the computer freezes every few seconds.

have deleted most software and run spybot and anti-virus
ware purchased pctools' registry mechanic which seemed
to help for a brief period until i upgraded firefox and

googling shows a thread that it may be a version of Skype
that is doing this - will explore that now - any other

when the mouse & all freeze there is a pause of 3-15
seconds once the power light on the viao blinks all comes
back to life.... (furthest small light under the monitor to
the left - battery shaped - blinks yellow - sony viao 2003
-running xp home).

thanks : )

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Bad Hardware ruled out possibly?

by BlueSpruce In reply to Bad Hardware

The first part of this was to isolate either hdwr or software fault. We tried two new USB mice, the fault recurred. We tried a ps2 mouse, worked reliably, but user 'hates' a ball mouse. I ran usb diagnostics from the Dell diagnostics and driver disk, tested SAT, 10 iterations. This Dell T3400 is also equipped with a USB keyboard, which we have no problems with. I went back to a MS Optical Wheel Mouse and loaded the 5.2 driver. I plugged in to the front part of the bus to make it easier to disconnect and reconnect for the user. He reported a change due to this...the mouse starts to slow down, i.e. cursor movement doesn't keep up with hand movement. after disconnect and reconnect, it works fine again. Device manager tells us that the driver is working. At one point, EventViewer/System showed us a MS Fax error, at the same time that the mouse started to foul up. I went into the management console and disabled fax service. The frequency of the mouse freeze ups was drastically reduced, although I don't see how a correlation can be made, unless I'm missing something: he has been able to work for most of the day without this frustration, except for the mouse lag situation.

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Your not the only one...

by toughguy000 In reply to Mouse Freezing...Power Su ...

My mouse has been acting up for the last month or so, Thought it was just time for a new one, But considering this post it seems that it may not be the mouse, but rather M$ Software "Sloppy" patches.

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new acer aspire 3800 amd athlon 64x2--mouse freezes

by vickiec51 In reply to Mouse Freezing...Power Su ...

I can see that there are others also having this acer computer is new I bought it nov 2006..circuit city with their warranty..2yr..of which they say..they wont touch anything for 1yr till the manufactors warranty runs I have this problem because I cant take the computer to another city where the manufactorer is..and If I mail it and its damaged its on my head..that is what I was I began to bug acer and they told me some things to do..first of all my computer has the winxp home addition I think..Im sure it has the sp2 in it most do now that are newer..within the first month the mouse began to freeze just for a few seconds ..that was the acer mouse that comes with it...I did hook up a logitech webcam..its older and I mean older but it worked fine..well, eventually the acer mouse died totally and thank God I had a microsoft intelimouse..opticalfrom a computer I had someone build for me awhile back..i paid big bucks for it and it was killing moniters..big I got this cheaper one but it has loads of stuff on it..anyway..I used that mouse and then eventually it began doing the same thing..oh and about plugging it in different usb ports....Not...I have done that front and back and its still doing does it for the shortest time and a little bell goes off when it does like something is disconnected adn then occasionally a little sign comes up stating tht the usb port doesnt recognize whatever is hooked I go onto sights like this and join them to find out how to deal with this..I did call acer or circuit city and forget who I spoke to and was told it was the mother board..but the mouse itself intellimouse stays lit up..and when checked it says its ok..its just the pointer on the screen doesnt move when I move the m ouse and doesnt click either..and the sign comes up on the lower right of the screen that it isnt recognized...i did do some wierd thing I was told by acer to..go to start menu and run some stuff in that and then uncheck some things and restart it and then go back and put the same thing in run and recheck it all and restart again all doing t his after unhooking my logitech and taking the software off..we thought it might be that because there was an issue of mouse freezing if a logitech webcam was hooked up to a usb port and I had that and dont remember if it started then or before..I hooked it up..but it should have cleared it up and here I sit..any more ideas..I can use whatever because I have to wait now until nov 2007 to take it to circuit city which will get no more of my business esp since they did me wrong with that warranty thing where I paid ayear for I purchased a tv online from because they did me wrong...I have better luck from amazon...I sure hope someone has better ideas and hey ..its not the hardware nor the motherboard...or the mouse..the mouse is using another happens with different mouses..and plugged into other usb ports on the computer..which run other it must be winxp thing..they need to be involved here...

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