Mouse has disappeared from multiple machines

By brokenframe ·
I have several machines, multiple O/S's where the ps2 mouse quits working. We have had 5 of them go out in the past week. This is not normal. Does anyone know of any type of virus that could be causing this? We use Symantic and they systems are comming up clean. We also tried anti-spyware.. No luck. We can plug in usb mice and they work fine. Thanks.

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Imaged PC's?

by JimKlallsoo In reply to Mouse has disappeared fro ...

I have never heard of or seen this.
What i would do is eliminate what is common on all 5 pc's e.g.
1 -Are the Pc's imaged or was Windows installed from scratch?
2 - Are they all the same type of PC's. If they are then i would check on the pc manufacturers site for a possible firmware update.

First thing i would try is to rollback one PC to when the mouse was working. If this works you know that it is some sort of update taking place.

Can you post more info e.g. how long the pc's worked for with the PS2 mouse working, operating system type, etc..

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If this is happening on Windows XP Systems

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Mouse has disappeared fro ...

I would first be looking at the recently released Windows Toolbar Patch which seems to break more than it fixes.

If that's not the problem you'll need to post some more information as to what is being used here.


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