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mouse/keyboard failure

By alexcoop ·
boot problem:

1)if pc is left off for any length of time it "forgets" it has a primary hd. you have to go into the bios and make it search for primary master. nothing else works.
2)mb not recognizing mouse/kb. checked mouse, kb, cables, kvm-nothing. tried ps2 to USB adapter-nothing. i am guessing that dos support for USB is disabled.
3)can't get into bios and can't boot system, don't care if i can't use kb/mouse i only need to be able to boot (i can control it remotely)


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by mjd420nova In reply to mouse/keyboard failure

I think your mother board has taken a vacation or the mouse-keyboard control buffer is in failure mode. The BIOS battery could be dead too, check that. If it shorts, then the load could be not allowing the BIOS to unload properly. If it's the pluggin type of battery, a small square with leads that go to the MOBO, unplug it. If it's the button battery type, remove the cell and clean the metal clip and the contact in the center. If that's no cure then the MOBO needs a meeting with the trash can. I try to recycle my old stuff but most want money to get rid of it. Donate to Goodwill.

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by mjd420nova In reply to

I really haven't paid any attention to the points thing, I don't know how I earned them or when/how to give them away.

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by alexcoop In reply to mouse/keyboard failure

if it wasn't for that bios quirk this wouldn't be a problem.a classic catch 22.and another one bites the dust.
how does this point thing work? i'm new here.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to mouse/keyboard failure

M'Board first.

The most likely thing is a flat battery on the M'Board for the BIOS the most current generations of M'Boards since the Pentium have had coin sized batteries of the Lithium variety which when they go flat cause all sorts of problems that almost always result in a failure to boot. The answer here is to fit a replacement battery should be around a $1.00 in most battery supply places and should be this code CR2032 though that's a Generic Marking as different makers may have a different designation or number but they are all of that type. Just make sure that you have removed the mains lead before attempting to change the battery or you could kill the M'Board.

Once you have a new battery fitted you should get a Load Error when you first boot here you should go into BIOS and set the Date & Time and the HDD to Auto and then save & exit and it should boot normally if the M'Board isn't dead.

As for Tech Points when you join TR you are issued with 1,000 and for every question that you close you get another 1,000 so it's TR way of getting people to close off asked questions without causing problems for the people asking questions it's just an added incentive to do the right thing.


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by alexcoop In reply to

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by alexcoop In reply to mouse/keyboard failure

batteries ok. i thing i'll try flashing the bios, it might correct the boot/hd problem.


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by alexcoop In reply to mouse/keyboard failure

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