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Mouse mover?

By stuart_at_oz ·
I am looking for a program that will move the mouse cursor (just a liiittle bit) to stop the screensave activating under Windows XP.

preference would be for something that can sit in the background and just move the cursor a smidge every 10 minutes or so.

I have found a program that will move the mouse cursor, but only as a once off, and the program has to be run every 10 minutes. (I have this set up currently as a scheduled task, but this is messy and not a prefered method)



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by CG IT In reply to Mouse mover?

just turn off the screen saver. seems silly to have a program to move the mouse so the screen saver doesn't engage when one can just disable the screen saver or change the amount of time before it engages. Sheesh XP's screen saver time before engaging goes up to 9,999 minutes [something along the lines of 166 hours or almost 7 days]

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by CG IT In reply to

BUT if you want to put the program on someone else's computer and have it run as a service so that they think the screen saver will engage but won't so you can come in and use the computer when they are away.....

right! haven't you got better stuff to do?

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by CG IT In reply to

sorry for the comments!

Where I work, users are always coming up with stuff to try and defeat the security measures we need to enforce so I tend to have a cynical point of view. Screen savers / lock computer are the big one. Office politics and,I hate to say, peoples seemingly ahborant need to "get even" really can screw up a workstation not to mention can effect the network.

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by stuart_at_oz In reply to Mouse mover?

Sorry, I forgot to mention, the screensaver is set in the policies to 30 minutes, and monitor powerdown to 2 hours.

I could get the PC taken out of the domain OU that enforces the policy, but then it can't be easily used for other purposes.

The PC is used to monitor systems, and does not normally have someone sitting at it using it.

(Thanks for being so prompt though)

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by stuart_at_oz In reply to Mouse mover?

(Gee, thanks DR.....)

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by shripalkkad In reply to Mouse mover?


I don't think, it will be wise to install a software which will automatically move the mouse. Instead you can try installing a software which will refresh the RAM automaically, which will inturn stop the screen saver activating. You can find some of the RAM software from the below link. I suggest you to use some software called RAM Pro.. something.


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