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Mouse not working

By kkthree ·
I have 2 button mouse(memorex)it is working fine.Recently I brought a new 3 Button(center wheel)GE mouse.This new GE mouse is not working though I loaded its driver, I want to delete previous mouse driver.Where can I found the old mouse driver in my system?Is it necessery to delete the old driver?

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by TheChas In reply to Mouse not working

1. Which version of Windows?

2. What style of connector?

If the new mouse is a PS/2 (round connector) mouse, if you removed the old mouse and plugged in the new mouse with the computer on, you may have damaged the PS/2 port, or the mouse itself.

If the mouse is a USB or PS/2 mouse and you are using a PS/2 to serial converter, the new mouse may not have the necessary firmware to function over a serial port.

Unless there is a DOS mode driver that is loaded for the old mouse, Windows should take care of any driver issues on it's own.


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by donmars In reply to Mouse not working

Goto start>settings>control panel>system in the system properties applet click tab for device manager. There will be an icon in that system tree for mouse. If there are two mouses installed you will see both. click on the memorex mouse and on that properties sheet click on the "general tab" and at the bottom half of that page under "device usage" check "disable in this profile." This will prevent that mouse from interfering, and if you ever want to come back to it you can disable the GE and enable the memorex. Do not forget that everytime you make changes like this you will have to reboot for it to take effect.

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by kkthree In reply to

I disabled the Ge mouse profile and deleted also according to your suggestions.Still GE(3button mouse)is not working.Right click is working means if I press right button it is showing pop-up menu but mouse pointer is not moving and left button is not working.

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by donmars In reply to Mouse not working

You did not read my suggestion carefully. I did not say to delete anything, I also did not tell you to disable the GE mouse, the very one you want to use! Your reading comprehension is bad. Read my answer again, if you are not sure ask someone to read it. Any high school grad will do.

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by thomaseapen777 In reply to Mouse not working

if none of the options works, then simply delete both mouse drivers from the system tree and let the OS discover and reinstall it...

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